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What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom? Color, texture, combining techniques


Bedroom - it's intimate zone in any apartment or house. It should be particularly cozy and comfortable. This requires a special attitude to the choice of the interior, in t. Ch. Wallpaper for this room.

How to choose a wallpaper in the bedroom?

There is an opinion that in the bedroom should be updatedmaking at least every 5 years. The key point of repair - this wallpaper. The furniture in this room is usually not so much: the bed, chest of drawers, bedside cabinets - they are low, which means that the focus will be on the walls. What could be simpler? But you want something unusual! To achieve this easily by selecting successful wallpaper for the bedroom. First you need to understand the different types of decorative material.

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?
  1. Paper - Most probably the price affordable, environmentally friendly and able to breathe. But they do not last.
  2. Vinyl It can be stuck to any surface completely. Modern vinyl is of 2 types: self-leveling wallpaper that mimic the natural texture and foamed vinyl paintable. Tragically, it is poorly breathable.
  3. Fleece due to its texture promote creativeprocess: these wallpapers, you can easily paint yourself. They are made from polyester, acrylic and viscose. Environmentalists such materials are fully endorse. This wallpaper is breathable and no chemicals in their manufacture does not apply. They perfectly hide any irregularities of the walls. In general, ideal for bedrooms.
  4. Textile wallpaper belongs to an elite. Without the help of experts of their own pokleit unlikely to succeed well, because the width of the roll - over 2 m and fixing them will have only vertically. Plus, these wallpapers are many, including compliance with environmental standards.

Color wallpaper for bedroom

Before choosing the wallpaper, consider a combination with furniture and curtains.

Also identified with the light. If your bedroom is located on the north side, then the sun peeks through the windows less often than we would like. Create the solar atmosphere can be using wallpaper. Designers recommend using only warm colors: yellow, light green, orange, or peach. For sunny rooms are well suited and pale blue. These colors can be combined. Better if it will be two shades of the same color. The corners of the room can emphasize different color wallpaper. Perfectly combined with each other: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, beige and brown. Take note: 2 saturated colors can not be together. They should be diluted with pastel shades. For example, saturated orange and pale blue, which is more like blue.

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

Very convenient with the help of wallpaper to share the bedroomsectors to different functionalities. Especially such an option is well suited for children. So you can select a game, learning, sleeping areas. In this case it is best if the wallpaper on different semitone or one tone. Just do not dazzle, too experiment with contrasting colors to be careful. To a room look elegant, combine up to 3 colors, no more!

You can select a wall at the head of his bed,placing her beautiful wallpapers. Or vice versa, the wall opposite the bed bright wallpaper paste over to wake up in the morning and immediately enjoy rich colors of life.

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The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

By combining different wallpaper elongated room can be visually expand, obkleivaya wall near the windows darker, and at the door - light shades of the same color. If the bedroom is a square, it is better to allocate saturated tone 1 wall, and pale - other. Small rooms can be expanded light pastel wallpaper.

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

The bedroom can be divided not only vertically,but also horizontally. It will be a two-tier. On top place the best wallpaper with an ornament, and at the bottom - plain, which will emphasize the upper figure. Nobody stops you to do, and vice versa. The boundary between the 2 levels separate bordyurchikom, contrast or the color of the wallpaper. There are options with a combination of different textures, but they need to be combined with extreme caution. Can 3 wallpapered walls for painting, and the fourth - vinyl. It will look very original. Although most still try to combine glossy and matt surface.

For convenience, there is a classification of 1 Wallpaper: background, embossed, primed and unprimed. Background - a smooth, without a pattern, mostly they are matte painting. Embossing - relief, with interior motion picture.

The original course design - wallpaper pasting layers, when from under one peep others. One then becomes the dominant color, and the second emphasizes its good. Then it will be possible to successfully beat with different accessories and fittings.

Wallpapers made use not only for pasting walls. Good move - they decorate the ceiling. Just be careful with dark colors, they can put pressure and visually make the ceiling below.

Wallpapers for bedrooms: photo

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?

The bedroom has an important place in our home. This is a place for rest and sleep, privacy and serenity, tenderness and romance. Make it unique and comfortable will help to correctly matched the wallpaper. It is important to determine the color and texture, as well as pick up a profitable combination that is suitable for your room.

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