2017 New Year's outfit for women

2017 New Year's outfit for women

Table of contents:

  1. Main characteristics
  2. Choosing a color palette
  3. Selection of attire depending on the elements and signs of the zodiac
  4. A photo

Very soon there will come the most important evening inyear - New Year's Eve. 2017 will be marked by the influence of the Fire Rooster. As already known, the fiery element is characterized by a red tone and the colors associated with it. What to wear on New Year's celebration? Attributed to the addition this year is particularly carefully, because the Rooster - braggart - loves spectacular and extraordinary outfits that will shine in all its glory. Even the gait of the animal shows how important it is not to lose face, so to meet him should he be a match for him - this is what he will appreciate the most.

Main characteristics

The most important aspect of this year becomesthe effect produced by a vivid way - it should be luxurious and devote his mistress glamor and glitz. Dresses for New Year should be chosen passionate and fiery tones, while the Rooster will be faithful to his chosen patron for the next 12 months. It is preferable to choose the fabrics and materials such as leather, satin, organza, silk, velvet and brocade. They are able to bring to its owner wealth, position in society, and good luck.burgundy velvetburgundy velvetDresses must be elegant and beautiful, they areIt should capture the spirit. The dresses can be a different style of laid-back cocktail to sophisticated romantic, but they should decorate the additional accessories, such as delicate collars, beads, necklaces, belts, brooches, and especially delight the owner, the decoration, in which there are feathers.

Choosing a color palette

Since 2017 - the year of the Fire Rooster, thendress for his meeting must be appropriately - in red colors. Although any fashionista herself decides which outfit to wear, it should be remembered that he should call the main feeling of the year - a passion. For this ideal red tone or derived from it. The color scheme should arouse such feelings as a combination of rage, savage, dangerous and sexy.White goldWhite goldRecommended color:

  1. Red - but when selected should take into account,it is a very popular color, and therefore it may appear, many of the fair sex that will make them look at each other, it is best to him to combine with other colors to find their flavor, but do not overdo it with accessories, because that tone, and so luxurious it looks, and an excessive amount of jewelry will make any outfit too pretentious.
  2. Coral - this shade does any woman the embodiment of beauty and grace, but his tone should carefully select the color of the skin - not every woman he can come.
  3. Golden - that really hit of the season! Favorite color of the mark is gold. It was he able to make its possessor a luxurious and unforgettable.
  4. Brown - is particularly relevant with ornaments of gold or with other brilliant accessories.
  5. Yellow - if the choice fell on this color, it should be bright, as if shouting, otherwise it will not notice the rooster.
  6. Orange - the personification of extravagance and fun. Dress in such a tone provide its owner from the crowd and engage in the world of entertainment.
  7. Attire scarlet give support to its owner, the owner and attract good luck.
  8. Bordeaux - a great choice for an evening dress for a meeting of the New 2017. If you add to it a couple of luxury items, it will win the hearts of many visitors.
  9. Black - ideal if you combine a little black dress with bright red beads, it is desirable - it will emphasize the elegance of the hostess and her sense of style.

Maroon dress to the floorMaroon dress to the floor

Selection of attire depending on the elements and signs of the zodiac

When choosing their way to a meeting in 2017 to consider and your horoscope.

Element of Fire

Aries - its flame burns and rages. Attire should be matched. Optimally suited magenta, and anyway, it would be - a dress or trouser suit, however, should refrain from deep neckline type, otherwise it will bring trouble of a personal nature. But Aries is not an obstacle, because of their charm in the fervent nature and friendly approach.Red dress with long sleeves, a black belt and a high cutRed dress with long sleeves, a black belt and a high cutLeo - its flame calm, confident and consistent. This zodiac sign will look majestic in any outfit, and feline intuition and grace themselves prompt the desired image. They should listen to the instincts, but see to it that outfit looked garmonichno.Strelets - not permanent, swaying fire. Create an image of a woman vamp, no representative of that mark will not be mistaken. Deep neckline and short mini - that's the perfect option that night.

Element Earth

Beautifully decorated backBeautifully decorated backTaurus - is not the most daring fashionistas, so waitfrom their dresses with a neckline or small is not necessary. However, they have a chance to stand out - the main feature of the mark in the New Year's Eve will be a supplement to the outfit. The correct makeup and manicure in a passionate but restrained style, will make a charming representative of any of this surprising znaka.V Virgo Rooster like modesty, refinement and charm, so flashy outfits is not their option. It is best to choose a quiet tones. Dress should be without pictures and ornaments and accessories and jewelry - restrained, but beautiful.Flowing dresses emeraldFlowing dresses emeraldCapricorns - experimenters. Their creative nature will tell how to dress in this magical night. Attire should emphasize that mark their personal style - it is a great way to express yourself. Particular attention should bestow his hands. Rings, bracelets, jewelry, manicure - everything has to be on top.

Signs of air disaster

Gemini - they need a bright and cheerful image. Perky mood will emphasize the attractiveness of the mark, and the red hair accessory tame rooster and make it home nightingale.In Folk StyleIn Folk StyleLibra - lovely fashionistas with its contraststyle of clothing. On this night, they are allowed to combine different colors of the characters, but to take as a basis, the host - red. By creating an unusual way, they will settle down to a patron of the year and they will be accompanied by around udacha.Vodoley - they should keep the knee, so the dress should choose long length, or even to give preference to a suit or trousers. However, the clothes should be bright, budorazheschey. Restless energy of Aquarius will attract the Fire Rooster.Aloe dress yearAloe dress year

Water element

Cancer - they want to have fun all night at the ballmasquerade, so they should dress to choose comfortable, but a royal luxury. Ideal dresses for medieval events with fluffy hems and a refined waists. In this way crabs will feel secure and unfettered.Amazing asymmetrical dark purple dressAmazing asymmetrical dark purple dressScorpio-here who will win the Cock and plunge itin shock. His extravagance and brightness are the envy of all members of the zodiac. Master of his craft is able to create a bright, passionate and unforgettable image. It is necessary to choose one accessory that immediately gets hold of the attention of others, such as a feather in her hair or naryade.Ryby - this fashionable women should purchase some new outfit nevyzyvayuschih in pastel colors. He should like, first of all, the very mistress, be comfortable, and to cause only positive emotions. Let the style will help modest and shy fishes feel relaxed and confident, then they will find support, the host - Rooster.vanilla colorvanilla colorMeet the New Year - is not just a holidaynight, but also a powerful charge of energy for the whole year. Therefore it is very important for its meeting to pay attention to every detail. If done correctly and draw the attention of the owner of the year, you can get their support and patronage. Choosing clothes for such an event - it is an important aspect, so the selection of attire for the signs of the zodiac in great demand, because of this may depend on luck and well-being of the next 12 months. Majestic sign bestow happiness of all who will be able to appease it, treats, and fun images, joyful holiday atmosphere.

A photo

Emerald yearEmerald yearIridescent long dressIridescent long dressSheath evening dress with guipure trimSheath evening dress with guipure trimElegant dresses with lurexElegant dresses with lurexLace Black Dress yearLace Black Dress yearRed silk dress with a trainRed silk dress with a trainRed guipure dressRed guipure dressShort-fitting cocktail dressShort-fitting cocktail dressCoral with feathersCoral with feathersCoral dress with a midi lengthCoral dress with a midi lengthA combination of burgundy and beige lace chiffonA combination of burgundy and beige lace chiffonwith gold trim Cocktail Dresswith gold trim Cocktail DressCocktail dress coral colorCocktail dress coral colorBecause mesh fabricBecause mesh fabricFrom chiffon burgundyFrom chiffon burgundyFrom sequins of different colorsFrom sequins of different colorsCold shade of greenCold shade of greenMustard color with lace trimMustard color with lace trimBlack and red bustier dressBlack and red bustier dressBlack dress with short sleeves, but bare shouldersBlack dress with short sleeves, but bare shouldersBlack dress with a pea print and a red sashBlack dress with a pea print and a red sashBlack dress made of satin, decorated with sequinsBlack dress made of satin, decorated with sequinsBlack flowing silk dressBlack flowing silk dressBlack velvet year with translucent insertsBlack velvet year with translucent insertsBronze metallic and beige chiffonBronze metallic and beige chiffonwith a halter and sleeve burgundy dresswith a halter and sleeve burgundy dressGreen PerforatedGreen PerforatedGreen with a deep necklineGreen with a deep necklineGreen dress on the floorGreen dress on the floorGreen dress with a wide belt and sequinsGreen dress with a wide belt and sequinsGreen cocktail dress, elongated rearGreen cocktail dress, elongated rearBright yellow sheath dressBright yellow sheath dressBright red dress with the smellBright red dress with the smellbird embroideredbird embroideredEvening dress with floral printEvening dress with floral printEvening dress walnut shadeEvening dress walnut shadeEvening dress emerald without decorEvening dress emerald without decorEvening dress gown soft goldEvening dress gown soft goldEvening dress the color of mintEvening dress the color of mintA narrow purple dress with a slit in the middleA narrow purple dress with a slit in the middleShorter year gold and blackShorter year gold and blackDark green cocktail dressDark green cocktail dressDark blue with sequinsDark blue with sequinsWith pink print on a beige backgroundWith pink print on a beige backgroundThe modest and daring at the same timeThe modest and daring at the same timeWith purple flowersWith purple flowersWith fringe on the neck lineWith fringe on the neck lineMuted redMuted redDress-sun with rhinestonesDress-sun with rhinestonesSee also:

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