New hairstyles for girls

New hairstyles for girls

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The fact that the girl wants to look at 100%,it is not surprising, because it is the future of women. Therefore, if a girl asks a matinee on hair and on a hike to a beauty salon there is no time mom can do with their hands a simple but beautiful hairstyle to your child for the New Year 2017. It does not need to have specialized education or skills strizhki.Vam certainly know that hairstyle can highlight both the advantages and disadvantages of the exterior. Choosing a festive hairstyle for the child, it is worth to take into account these factors. Description face, hair texture and color are important.

For mermaids

Hairstyle with fleece and curlsHairstyle with fleece and curlsOn long hair suited hairstyles with curls andcurls. This hairstyle will always be in the trend. Suffice it to take small tongs, put them on a gentle treatment and prepare the hair to wrap. You can use mousses and varnishes. The heating temperature should be allowed to do a perm without pain. Lucky pick with natural fixation, they are not so much harm to the hair. If you want to curl your hair the child without using the heating unit and special funds, then there are a couple of options, how to do it. For example, to make curls girl on matinee enough in the evening to wash your hair, divide the hair into several parts parting, tighten them in bundles to fix pins and leave it overnight. In the morning before going out enough to dissolve the hair and slightly spread the resulting curls. You can not use the nail fixation. The less hair you use to tow, the smaller are the curls in the morning. If the braid small (or large) pigtails on the same principle, it is possible to get wavy hair.Note!Sleeping with pigtails and beams can be uncomfortable.small curlssmall curlsHigh hairstyles in the style of the 80s and stay onfirst place in the fashion world. For styling use all kinds of beams, fixing her hair hairpins. Children's exterior styling and such - royal style. Most of these hairstyles do in salons, first collect hair in a ponytail at the crown, on the tail wear "donut", fix his hair strands and mask the remaining hair, creating curls and fixing them in a circle invisible.Hairstyle with braids, braids and artificial flowersHairstyle with braids, braids and artificial flowersThe beams are used for the older girls,although this is not the rule. Ease of hairstyles is that the hair did not hinder the child, and this is very important, if the child is mobile. Such an image is appropriate even in the evening or ball gown. The beam can be a variety of different pins. Medium hair can be gathered into a bundle using a "donut." Positioning can be anywhere. Fixing takes place by means of pins. As decorations used bows, ribbons. The main thing is to do everything carefully, to smooth hair. You can leave a strand of hair from the tail, braid ponytail and wrap it the foundation beam, carefully masking the tips of the hair. You can lock the tongs to curl, and then lay on top of beautiful hair. The beam will look like air.Variations with braidsVariations with braids

And if the hair short

Many mothers doubt that the hairstyles for shorthair can be varied and beautiful. But they can really be like. Experts advise to cheat children's hair with a curler. Then you can all gather in a ponytail, with lacquer and give volume hairdryer. If even beyond that decorate the large folding clasp with rhinestones, the girl will be the most charming on holiday.Beautiful hairstyle matineeBeautiful hairstyle matineeYou can arrange small ponytails all overhead, hair ribbons decorate, beautiful hairpins. A zig-zag partings do that will increase the festive hairstyles. As an added decoration used children's rim.Air curlsAir curlsDespite the short length of the short hairYou can braid small braids. But if the child is still small, it must be something to inspire the process of time, as do child-fidget hairstyle will be very difficult. To consolidate these braids require a lot of hairpins invisible. The child - the creation of a direct, so even tousled curls will look very cute.

A photo

Nodules of short hairNodules of short hairRomantic hairstyle with curlsRomantic hairstyle with curlsWith French braidsWith French braidsRomantic hairstyles for short hairRomantic hairstyles for short hairA beam with curlsA beam with curlsThe beams on the sidesThe beams on the sidesJust curlsJust curlsSimple bundle of braidsSimple bundle of braidsHair parted slightly and strapped bundlesHair parted slightly and strapped bundlesHairstyle with a bandageHairstyle with a bandageHairstyle "basket"Hairstyle "basket"Original SpitOriginal SpitFleece and SpitFleece and SpitMinnie MouseMinnie MouseSmall fluffy curls for short hairSmall fluffy curls for short hairSpit and from hair rollersSpit and from hair rollersBraids and loose hairBraids and loose hairSpit in the form of a crownSpit in the form of a crownSpit is a wreath of flowersSpit is a wreath of flowersArtistic mess on short hairArtistic mess on short hairTwo braids, joined togetherTwo braids, joined togetherLong loose hair with volume stackingLong loose hair with volume stackingChildren's hairstyle in the Greek styleChildren's hairstyle in the Greek styleBoho-Xhosa, was taken to the tailBoho-Xhosa, was taken to the tailBow on topBow on topBowBowBabette with a bow made of hairBabette with a bow made of hairSee also:

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