Christmas toys with their own hands for 2017

Christmas toys with their own hands for 2017

Table of contents:

  1. Rooster on the Christmas tree
  2. Toy-Pillow
  3. From salt dough
  4. Figures from soap
  5. Large toys
  6. Snegovichki
  7. New Year's glasses
  8. Sweet decorations
  9. A photo

The most long-awaited holiday for kids andAdults - New Year's Eve, which all are waiting with great impatience. Decorating an apartment so that it felt the arrival of something fabulous, unusual - it is of paramount importance. Despite the fact that in the 21st century, many are wondering how to make Christmas toys with their own hands in 2017. In this article, we will consider various options for production of Christmas toys for the New Year.

Rooster on the Christmas tree

Next year - the year of the Rooster, so you can createhim out of paper or other material and hang on the Christmas tree. You can make a lot of males and collect the suspension in a garland to decorate the house. If you are going to do a paper cockerel, take as a base board, you obkleete on both sides.BilletsBillets

  1. Need multi-colored sheets of colored paper (can be colored cardboard) and a sheet of cardboard. Draw on cardboard and cut out the silhouette of the cock.
  2. Using a cardboard blank as a template whereit is necessary to draw details on colored paper (cardboard): head, body, wings and tail - the pre-fold the sheets in half, so as not to spend time on preparation of blanks for the second side.
  3. Next step: cut out our billet.
  4. Now glue the cardboard blank parts of colored paper (cardboard). After the cock going into the whole picture, you can decorate it with sequins, beads - all that comes to mind.
  5. Make a hole in the workpiece, thread the ribbon and hang on the Christmas tree.

This New Year's cockerel on the Christmas tree we recommend to do with the children.Cock of paperCock of paperPreparations for the cock of paperPreparations for the cock of paperInstructions for the production of paper cockerelInstructions for the production of paper cockerelYou can do a similar toy made of felt and are also used to decorate the Christmas tree.Simple rooster of felt on the Christmas treeSimple rooster of felt on the Christmas treeCockerel with application elementsCockerel with application elementsSuspension rooster of feltSuspension rooster of feltPattern draw freehand or use any ready-made, for example, this:Pattern rooster of feltPattern rooster of feltOriginally will look homemade males made in origami technique.Rooster origamiRooster origami


Easy, but very exciting experience for the manufacture of toys - is the creation of a character, the pillows, which will delight you with not only in the Year of the RoosterAnd much more. Required pattern, tissue filler, the felt (according to the selected model), and the needle thread. Here, the case for small, draw out the pattern, sew parts, leaving an opening to stuff the pillow filler. Gut-wrenching, inside the toys put filler is sutured to the end.

Photos and patterns

Pillow-cockPillow-cockPattern cushion-bantamweightPattern cushion-bantamweightSoft cockSoft cockThere is also a more complex plan with fabric painted- A batik by which airbag acquire a bright color. After you've circled on rooster fabric, color the it with a special paint, they can be replaced with gouache, if you mix it with PVA glue. We leave for a day to paint has dried, and continue to make up a cushion in the form of a rooster.

From salt dough

Christmas toy from the salty testChristmas toy from the salty testThe competition in school children are often asked to bringsome Christmas crafts. Take it from the salt test. Crafts from bioceramics can become a great gift from the children's grandparents. Moreover, this activity is so fascinating that it is claims to be the hobbi.Pered how to make a toy from the salty test, it is necessary to prepare the dough itself. To prepare the dough, use a fine table salt, ordinary wheat flour and water in a ratio of 2: 4: 2, respectively. First, flour and salt were mixed and then warm water was added carefully vymeshivaya dough minut.Est not less than 10 and the other dough recipe. In this case, taking flour and salt in the same proportions as previously sifted flour only. Water is necessary to take a little less than 1 1/3 cups. Preparation will differ. Water is necessary for this recipe and boil to dissolve the salt therein. Only then added muka.Kogda dough is ready, proceed to the production of handicrafts. If you do crafts with your child, simplify the task of taking cookie cutters, for example, in the form of Christmas trees and bunnies - will turn out wonderful Christmas decorations. Make a toy (for decoration, you can use beads or beads), the top do not forget to make a hole. To toy solidified, it is left for 24 hours or baked in the oven. After the toy solidified its painted with acrylics, gouache, watercolor, allow to dry well and cover a colorless nail polish or nitrovarnish wood. Through hole vdevayut thread or ribbon. That New Year's gift ready.

Fotoidei crafts from salted dough

Owl on the treeOwl on the treeSimple crafts from salted doughSimple crafts from salted doughRooster of salt doughRooster of salt doughChristmas tree toysChristmas tree toysAsterisks of salt doughAsterisks of salt doughToys made of salt doughToys made of salt dough

Figures from soap

Soap is always useful. A little unexpected, but the soap can be used to decorate the Christmas tree. Soap toy on the Christmas tree made with their own hands. The process is simple. First, rub baby soap on a coarse grater, melt it in a hot bath (watch so that no bubbles), the liquid is poured into a mold and allowed to pour.Soap in Christmas styleSoap in Christmas style

  1. If you want to make colored soap with a pleasantflavor, add dyes based - it may be as a food coloring and vegetable or fruit juice, for example, cherry, beet, carrot. The smell can be given using perfume or fragrances.
  2. When ready to use, instead of baby soapa transparent soap base, the soap can be done with the "filler". After you fill out the form half-melted soap, let it brew for 20-30 minutes, lay on top of a slice of lemon or orange, coffee beans and fill the form before the end of the soapy liquid.
  3. To soap has also beneficial cosmeticeffect, based add ground coffee, which will work as a scrub, a variety of oil, lemon zest, ground oatmeal. This toy, which concurrently will also be a great gift, obviously not remain without attention.

Large toys

Using the thread, also can create wonderfulDecoration rather big size - giants. It is enough to inflate a ball, wrap it dipped in glue PVA thread and leave for 24 hours. After drying, the ball burst, the air is Christmas toy of threads, which can be covered for decorative silver or gold paint, decorate with beads, beads, sequins, ribbons. Pass the tape, and accessory ready. If prepare two or three balls of different sizes, you can make a snowman.Balls of yarnBalls of yarnFrom the thread on the same principle made Christmas trees. As a basis on which to wind the thread, use a cone of drawing paper. You can make such a toy and miniature, if we take instead of a simple sheet of paper cardboard. To decorate the useful light beads, bows of lent.Kstati use cone of drawing paper for the base, if you want to make Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. It is enough to glue a cone, or paint it to make clothes out of paper or fabric. Head can be inflated balloon with a painted litsom.Dlya giant toy box handy and out of household appliances, which can be pasted foil, colored paper, applications, or even make them Nutcracker.GiantsGiants


Snowmen of socksSnowmen of socksSnowmen of socks - there is nothing primitive, butbut it looks very original. For this stuffing a sock with sand, buckwheat, and with the help of thread give it shape, sew buttons of. You can make a foundation and a color of white socks - clothing. Pretty snegovichki obtained from unnecessary light bulbs, it simply by using acrylic paints paint and decorate cotton and sequins.

New Year's glasses

New Year's glassesNew Year's glassesSmall accessories will complement your festivetable. Color the acrylic glasses. If you know how to draw, then you will easily cope with this work, if not, use stencils. Be careful, because ink may leak.

Sweet decorations

The following options are clearly for the sweet tooth.


Kind of Christmas toys can be deceiving, becausethey may be sweet candies. It's very simple: to start the mix 300 grams of sugar and 100 ml of water, put on fire, stirring until the sugar has melted and the syrup starts to boil, acquiring a golden hue. Ready syrup is poured into molds, pre-lubricated with vegetable oil, and leave until cool until the caramel hardens. Then gently wrap the candy in crisp polyethylene, bandages and ribbon can be safely hung on the Christmas tree. Even easier to melt the caramel in the molds.Toys made of sweetsToys made of sweets

Christmas tree made chocolates

No tree can not do New Year tree fromsweets - not just decoration, but also a delicious gift that you can surprise your friends or relatives. But with manufacturing technology to handle even a small child:

  1. From cardboard make a cone, glue it or fix a stapler.
  2. Using the same staple or glue, attach the candy.
  3. Lightly wrap the Christmas tree tinsel.
  4. Done.

Firs of sweetsFirs of sweetsSo many toys you can think of from the materials at hand, the most important thing - imagination and desire to do something unusual.

A photo

Mini Christmas treesMini Christmas treesPostcard scrapbookingPostcard scrapbookingA variety of Christmas trees made of paperA variety of Christmas trees made of paperNew suspension quillingNew suspension quillingToys from conesToys from conesfelt toyfelt toySoft balls on the Christmas treeSoft balls on the Christmas treeSanta Claus HouseSanta Claus HouseSee also:

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