Cocktail dresses for New Year 2017

Cocktail dresses for New Year 2017

Table of contents:

  1. What is this fruit
  2. Is Rainbow Relevant coming winter
  3. About length
  4. season Trends
  5. Why half - is bad
  6. A photo

On the eve of the New Year, mostthe ladies scratching their heads over the choice of attire. What is the sound at the ceremony? Choosing the dress is worth doing, starting from where you are to celebrate Year of the Red Fire Cock. If you plan a fun event with contests and other things, but not a reception, you may choose is not the evening and cocktail dresses for the New Year 2017.

What is this fruit

Even if your volumes are not glossy "90-60-90", notdespair. Beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the figure can be, if we define the type of right. Conventionally, the female figure is divided into five types: pear, apple, hourglass, rectangle, triangle.

Silk black cocktail dress

Silk black cocktail dress

  • Pear is recommended to look at the V-neck, which will promote visual expansion shoulders. Do not be afraid to gently inflate waistline, will be beneficial to look straight cut.
  • Women-apples should pay attention to cocktail dresses asymmetric cut, not tight waist region.
  • Sandglass will look good in cocktail dresses and pencil skirt, ideal model with a wide belt.
  • A spokeswoman "rectangular settings"It helps to make the figure more feminine round neckline and flared to the bottom hem. Excellent evening dress will look with contrasting or translucent inserts on the sides.
  • Triangle should focus on the bottom of the dress, preferring a style "sun-flared."

Is Rainbow Relevant coming winter

Red mini with feathersRed mini with feathers

If you think that the selection of the toilet activitytime consuming and want to finish faster, then feel free to choose different shades of red. This will give an opportunity to merge into a single range with the dominant color of the year 2017.

The trend of the season autumn-winter 2016-2017 confidentpositions are occupied by all kinds of olive and pine shades palette aqua tones, not losing positions and many favorite emerald. Silver, gold and bronze only accentuate your desire to look stylish.

Classic black, as usual, takes its special place in the top.

About length

Length cocktail dresses this yeardiverse. It is not only the traditional length just above the knee, but also frank mini. For example, you can create a puppet and naive image, wearing her short cocktail dress cut «Baby Doll».

However, and cocktail dresses with long MIDI widely presented at fashion shows.

Gold in the style of 20-iesGold in the style of 20-ies

The notion that the midi length is only forofficial business meetings or office work incorrectly. At the festival you hit the surrounding elegance and subtle sense of style. These dresses, with a length below the knee, presented Zimmermann, Claire Pettibone, Jenny Packham and many others.

season Trends

After studying fashion designer presented a collection, there are several major trends of the season.

Floral motifs

Flowering and fragrant - is not this limit dreams? Floral motifs decorate your outfit easily embodying desires into reality. Podiums this year resemble rosary, so globally Oscar de la Renta and Dennis Basso imbued with print data.

Hidden nudity

Beige with gold, sleeve with flounceBeige with gold, sleeve with flounce

The trend magnetism transparent fabrics,revealing the magic of female nature, do not cross the line between femininity and vulgarity. Romantic image creates a slight shimmer fabric in tandem naked and covered with parts of the body.

Work slipshod

Velvet and ChiffonVelvet and Chiffon

Although the cocktail dresses, strictly speaking, it issleeveless dress or small sleeve of a transparent material. We will not be so picky, and see what kind of fancy dress with short sleeves offer us designers.

Many of the novelties of the season include a model with a longsleeve. Flowing material is preferably transparent - not this the epitome of tenderness? The scenery often made "brilliant!", Which immediately makes it clear who the star of the evening. These are models of Marc Jacobs, Reem Acra, and Kristian Aadnevik.

Lightweight fabric and no fraud

From chiffon with a wide beltFrom chiffon with a wide belt

It has long been known and beloved by many chiffon can be your companion in this time.

It is pleasant to wear and dress made of this material looks like the air and gently.

geometry Lessons

Asymmetrical short sleeve blueAsymmetrical short sleeve blue

Asymmetry - a hit! And if you combine it with another course of this season? Plume. Open the front legs and the rear left full length? Some designers offer such and cocktail dresses, for example, Bella Potemkina, Kristian Aadnevik.

Why half - is bad

Black with fur trimBlack with fur trim

Your image should be completed. And the choice of a suitable cocktail dress is often only half the story.

  1. Hair. For example, it is necessary to choose the right hairstyle. Try not to create a grand castle on his head. The installation should be simple, but at the same time elegant.
  2. Makeup. Do focus on something one. Bright defined eyebrows, lips and smokey flashy ice with false eyelashes - a bust. In this year's trend sculpting or face a natural glow. Remember that bright combat story adds extra year.
  3. Accessories. Neck decorations are selected depending on the cut, and earrings, focusing on the shape of the face. Do not try to replace the Christmas tree. A large number of jewelery immediately make way cheaper.
  4. Manicure. Funeral kaёmku on nails leave home. Ideally, forget about it forever. Well-groomed hands for a woman - it was her honor and pride. Sign up for a manicure or marafet move independently.
  5. Footwear. Comfort - a pledge of good mood for the event. It is convenient to be dancing and toasts standing pronounce. Do not overdo it with the height of the heel. Tired legs yet nobody helped keep the mood upbeat.

A photo

This photos of dresses with fashion shows. Choose something similar in style and cover. Perhaps they will inspire you to the embodiment of the idea of ​​famous designers with their own hands.

The gray straight cutThe gray straight cut

Pink midiPink midi

Muted pink with sequinsMuted pink with sequins

translucent blacktranslucent black

Pale pink with feathersPale pink with feathers

Pale bluePale blue

Short black with a bow on the shoulderShort black with a bow on the shoulder

Short white strapsShort white straps

Cocktail dress with a silk black skirtCocktail dress with a silk black skirt

Black and whiteBlack and white

Black mini finished feathersBlack mini finished feathers

White with black trimWhite with black trim

The down and feathersThe down and feathers

With a lace inset on the chestWith a lace inset on the chest

Silk with laceSilk with lace

Elegant cocktail dress with feather trimElegant cocktail dress with feather trim

gray lacegray lace

Blue lace dress with a wide belt and lacingBlue lace dress with a wide belt and lacing

Blue with a deep neckline and pencil skirtBlue with a deep neckline and pencil skirt

White laceWhite lace

Shiny black with three quarter sleevesShiny black with three quarter sleeves

Mint greenMint green

Lace purple dress with long sleevesLace purple dress with long sleeves

Red with sleeves, pencil skirtRed with sleeves, pencil skirt

Red fitting with bows at the neckline areaRed fitting with bows at the neckline area

Red and black iridescentRed and black iridescent

Dress with sleeves, embroidered with flowersDress with sleeves, embroidered with flowers

Lacy white dress with bare shoulders miniLacy white dress with bare shoulders mini


And these dresses can be purchased now at an affordable price:

Lavender with sequins and feathersLavender with sequins and feathers

blue lace dress with satin belt-bowblue lace dress with satin belt-bow

The silver short cocktail dressThe silver short cocktail dress

The silver asymmetric dress with sequinsThe silver asymmetric dress with sequins

Blue and gold fabric such as brocadeBlue and gold fabric such as brocade

With decorative buttonsWith decorative buttons

Embroidered with beads and sequinsEmbroidered with beads and sequins

Dress with fabric bow metallicDress with fabric bow metallic

Pale beige with iridescent patternPale beige with iridescent pattern

Little black dress asymmetrical cutLittle black dress asymmetrical cut

Red with "winglets"Red with "winglets"

Red cocktail dress with sequinsRed cocktail dress with sequins

Guipure with lush skirtGuipure with lush skirt

Two-layer beige dress with a blue patternTwo-layer beige dress with a blue pattern

Black dress made of composite materialsBlack dress made of composite materials

Black silk dress of golden fabric trimBlack silk dress of golden fabric trim

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