Crafts for the New Year 2017 with his own hands

Crafts for the New Year 2017 with his own hands

Table of contents:

  1. We create together with children
  2. Christmas decorations
  3. Decor for apartment
  4. Jewellery festive table
  5. Scheme
  6. A photo

Preparing to celebrate the New Year - itanother reason to show their creativity and surprise your children or grandchildren various beautiful and impressive works of applied art. Christmas crafts have a pleasant property - for their production does not require any supernatural artistic ability, or the ability to work with complex instruments and devices. Also, it is not necessary to spend money on expensive materials, especially if you want to make a "one-off" jewelry intended for use only in the New Year's holiday.

In this article we will explain how to make crafts for the New Year 2017 with his own hands, consider the options of craft paper cones, candy, give step by step guide as well as photos and diagrams.

We create together with children

Rooster papier-mache

Rooster papier-mache

New Year - a good time to teach kidsthe basics of applied arts, as well as to bring together the whole family. It is best to plan the work in advance, in the fall, when you can successfully dial the various stones, shells, chestnuts, acorns, cones and various berries, which can then become the basis for the creation of future compositions and small crafts.

Most of the work can be made successfullyfrom paper. It is very plastic and cheap material, from which you can make many different choices of products - from the festive lights and Christmas decorations before the bulk of masks and figurines. Colored paper and paperboard are well suited for applications, as well as to create toys of various sculptural groups, including using origami art. And from old newspapers can be done though the cock, although Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in papier-mâché.

Maiden of papier-macheMaiden of papier-mache

Young children are very fond of tinkering cones,acorns and chestnuts. These products are easy enough to do, and they look spectacular and impressive. Of these, it is possible to create simple, but well-marked Christmas decorations, wrapping them in a soft and plastic multi-colored foil.

Herringbone pastaHerringbone pasta

For kindergarten, as well as to celebrateNew Year in school often asked to bring a variety of homemade crafts. Their role may make a variety of products, most often various garlands, paper "chain" and decorations for Christmas trees and space. You can do with your child herringbone pasta or snow globe with Olaf (snowman from the movie "Cold Heart"). But very popular among malyshni will enjoy crafts with candy: all kinds of bouquets and suspension. Making them is easy and pleasant, and then the work will not be lost, too - sweets will be immediately dismantled and eaten with great pleasure.

Snow globe with OlafSnow globe with Olaf

With older kids who know how to handlewith scissors, you can cut a pretty delicate snowflakes. Do you know how to properly fold a sheet of paper that turned out carved snowflake and air? If not, see diagram below.

Samples snowflakesSamples snowflakes

Christmas decorations

The traditional occupation of the New Year - ManufacturingChristmas tree decorations. Previously, when finished decorations were rare and very expensive, in every middle-class families were engaged in manufacturing of decoration for all family trees. For the most part we hung on a Christmas tree cookies, candy, nuts, in gilt paper, tangerines and other sweets, but where family members had a talent for handicraft, jewelry can be quite complex and very impressive. Today, manual work is also very much appreciated, so you should try and do something personally. To do this, there are now plenty of opportunities, tools and various materials.

Christmas toys from orange circlesChristmas toys from orange circles

Do not like the design of Christmas balls - trypaint them yourself. On sale you can find a variety of Christmas toys without decoration, transparent and metallized. To work require special paints for glass, acrylic dyes and hand. You can also use special markers to work on porcelain and glass. With this arsenal, you can create a variety of compositions - from simple slips and curls up complex images of the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, or Fire Red Rooster.

Snegovichki of bulbsSnegovichki of bulbs

Very interesting Christmas decorations are obtained fromthe old incandescent lamps. For example, they will become snegovichki nice, but you can dream up and place the bulb on the other: in the form of dolls, animals gnomes, mushrooms.

Very original will look bulkydecorations, they can be the main "highlight" of your Christmas tree decorations. Most importantly, exactly such things will not be anybody in the world! This is different balls and figurines, which are technically very simple to do. In one case, for example, you need to cut a lot of round billets of the same size paper, sew them all together in the middle and glue the leaves to each other so as to obtain, as in the photo.

Surround the ball on the Christmas tree made of paper circlesSurround the ball on the Christmas tree made of paper circles

In another case, cut a strip of paper, can be of different thicknesses, colors, textures, glue one end to the other and connect them all together, went to the ball. Such:

The ball of paper stripsThe ball of paper strips

Or this:

Bowl of colorful paper stripsBowl of colorful paper strips

The ball of paper strips can be performed in a different technique, Staple Circuits.

You can sewYou can sew

Christmas toys made from polymer clay. You can blindly anything: fish, bird, abstract flower, butterfly, space ship or helicopter. It all depends on your skill and wealth of imagination.

Polymer clayPolymer clay

Christmas decorations may well be flat,earlier this style was very fashionable. But for a special density needed to glue together several figures cut out of cardboard. For example, you decide to make a figure of the cockerel. Draws his silhouette cut from thick cardboard from 5 to 10 layers and glue them to each other, do not forget to put on top of the load and between layers - to insert a sound and broad loop for hanging.

After a good drying under pressure edgefigures should be sanded using a fine file and sandpaper, then paint on both sides, sprinkle with sequins, securing their aerosol paint, paste over with colored paper or thin foil. You can perform embossing according to the figure using the handle of a tablespoon or other devices.

Using the basic fundamentals of the scheme,You can make a great board and figure rooster. For this it must be mounted on a stand, which can also be prepared by bonding the laminated cardboard.

Decor for apartment

it is necessary to prepare for the new year is not only the tree, butand an apartment. This can be done in stages, so as not to leave everything to the last moment, otherwise the only thing you feel - is not proud of your crafts and immense fatigue.

House begins with the entrance hall, so decorate primarily need it, and even better - the front door. For this purpose, you can make a simple, but very effective Christmas wreath.

Christmas wreathChristmas wreath

It is best to use a ready-made foambasis, which can be bought at the store for florists, but it is possible to do without it. Base are spruce, pine or fir branches, natural or artificial. They are carefully and neatly rolled into a ring shape and fixed in this position by means of a thin copper wire, which is carefully twist the pliers, and the ends are hidden inside job, so no one can get hurt. Then proceed to the most interesting part - the decorating.

As a finishing buds fit perfectly,gilded nuts, artificial and natural skeletizirovannye leaves, dried real or plastic, foam berries, small Christmas balls and tinsel, ribbons, beads and rhinestones. The most convenient way to glue all this with the help of a "hot" glue pistol - it's fast and very reliable. The main thing in the creation of this decoration, so you do not change the sense of proportion and good taste. Upon completion of the work do not forget to attach a sound loop to hang the finished wreath.

Christmas window decorationChristmas window decoration

From the usual decor of paper can make windows, cutting out silhouettes of snow-covered trees, bunnies, houses and making light. See is just magical.

Thus, the front door and windows decorated, stayedwalls and ceiling. On the ceiling can be mounted suspension of snowflakes and a variety of figures on the frame, such a carousel for a cot and the wall will look great stylized Christmas tree with branches, Christmas toys, luminous garlands.

Herringbone WallHerringbone Wall

It can be made of anything, least ofphotos. Print the best pictures of the past year, and place them on the wall in the form of Christmas trees. Excellent opportunity to remember the most pleasant moments of optimism and celebrate the New Year.

Herringbone at the wall of picturesHerringbone at the wall of pictures

Jewellery festive table

The decoration of course need the table itself, whereIt is arranged a festive meal. Crafts for the New Year for the festive table will require more attention. You can suggest the following option - chicken little family headed by a representative of the royal - a symbol of the year.

Chickens of pomponsChickens of pompons

This jewel in the Year of the Rooster will be very relevant and will symbolize the traditional family values.

Make such a composition is not as hard asit seems at first glance. Figures adult birds can be made of cardboard, as already described above, and chicks - from ready pompons or lumps of cotton wool, tightly folded, soaked in a solution of the colored yellow paint PVA glue and carefully kiln dried. Lump more - body, smaller - head. The legs and beak can be made from matches, wings and eyes draw.

To the group looked finished composition,it must be placed on a large platter or tray, fasten into place with hot glue and decorate artificial grass, flowers, moss and always - a scattering of grain. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity that will come to your house with the year of the Fire Red Rooster.


The ball of paperThe ball of paper

Embroidery on Christmas toys of feltEmbroidery on Christmas toys of felt

Snowman from salt doughSnowman from salt dough

The volume of paper snegovichokThe volume of paper snegovichok

The volume of construction paper starThe volume of construction paper star

Balloon ButtonsBalloon Buttons

Flashlight of paper strips on the Christmas treeFlashlight of paper strips on the Christmas tree

Paper lanterns schemePaper lanterns scheme

Paper ballerina on the Christmas treePaper ballerina on the Christmas tree

A similar garland can be made in the form of Christmas treesA similar garland can be made in the form of Christmas trees

A photo

Ear-beaded Christmas treesEar-beaded Christmas trees

Christmas tree in "pots"Christmas tree in "pots"

Christmas trees made of threadsChristmas trees made of threads

Herringbone of bumpsHerringbone of bumps

Knitting circle on the Christmas treeKnitting circle on the Christmas tree

Ball in a knitted coverBall in a knitted cover

Ball on the Christmas tree, pasted beadsBall on the Christmas tree, pasted beads

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