Gifts for the New Year 2017

Gifts for the New Year 2017

Table of contents:

  1. delighting children
  2. Gifts for adults

On the eve of New Year holidays, therea natural question, but what you can give to your relatives. Indeed, so eager to please and surprise each of them. Moreover, it is desirable that the gift was original and creative, affected traits and finally just fell on the soul bestows.

delighting children

Set LegoSet LegoWhen deciding what to give the New Year 2017, it is importantfind the right solution for each of the family members. Here, note that you should not purchase similar and related gifts, you need to create tailor-made solutions, thus emphasizing the importance of each of your family members, whether it is your sister, child or grandparents. Of course, do not give expensive and fragile items to the smallest, because they can break their fast, and the prices of things simply do not know. In this case it is necessary to buy cheap, but thoroughly thought-out gifts. Young children are attracted to bright colors and unusual formy.Deti will be delighted with the toys, which is similar to the hero of his favorite cartoon, and if it still be beautifully packaged and in addition to it will be presented with a sweet surprise, this is the ultimate dream. We advise not to buy ready-made children's sweets and collect them yourself, choosing delicious candy with a bright shiny wrapper, paying attention to the expiration dates. Add the sweet chocolate Christmas gift a few figures - a gift gotov.V general, children of preschool and early school age is better to give toys and sweets. It may be, of course, dolls, Lego sets, railroad, themed playsets such as Peppa Pigs, Dog Patrol or Doctor Plush. Take a look at a large toy store, preferably at least a couple of weeks before the holiday - imagination is where carousing.House Peppa PigsHouse Peppa PigsOlder children, of course, such gifts will be surprised. In order to please a teenager, often have to shell out for a new mobile phone, gaming platform, or at least stylish player.We'll have to fork outWe'll have to fork out

Gifts for adults

Create a real celebration will allow correctlypodarkov.Rodnyh selected ideas can be aged to please helpful and functional gifts. Grandparents are usually very practical. This technique can be for home, something to decorate the interior, creating comfort:

  • set of tools,
  • radio shower
  • dryer for shoes,
  • a vacuum cleaner,
  • foot massager,
  • juicer,
  • mixer or blender,
  • coffee maker,
  • warm blanket or bedspread,
  • tea-set,
  • table lamp,
  • beautiful set of bed linen.

Tea Set ChristmasTea Set ChristmasIt is possible to give an additional year of the Rooster corresponding statuette, made of metal or porcelain, which will resemble the symbol of the next year.Statuette of a rooster and henStatuette of a rooster and henGrandparents, mom and dad, like no other,able to assess the mental wishes, congratulations thoughtful detail. Relatives often give gifts made with their own hands. It can be:

  • embroidered,
  • his own baked cake,
  • Knitten things,
  • New Year's toys made themselves.

It is important to emphasize the love and care,presenting as an element of decor and practical mittens made of wool, for example. Your sincere wishes for a bright smile and cause schaste.Sozdavaya present special gifts for family and friends, always worth remembering about the enthusiasm of a particular person, it will quickly choose a gift and is likely to guess it. We will not assume that you can give a bibliophile, an avid fisherman or aquarist, diving, travel, or online games. You know the person, do it better than us.E-book as a gift bibliophileE-book as a gift bibliophileMeanwhile, we reflect on the fact that you cangive to friends and colleagues. Here, everything also depends on age, temperament, preferences, as well as the size of your wallet. Agree to give everyone on New Year's expensive gifts not everyone can afford. Usually inexpensive gifts for the New Year is presented to colleagues, playing a small price thoughtful design and a wish. By the way, there are more appropriate identical gifts, not to offend anyone and not even as options vydelit.V suit sweets, carefully folded in his own hand sewn boot or gift bag with Christmas decorations. What else? A set of stationery, registered figurines, photo collage, where grandparents Claus will be your colleagues, cups, cosmetics kits.Box for jewelryBox for jewelryYoung girlfriends and friends give the bestinexpensive but creative gifts, not necessarily having a direct functional purpose may be made personally. This decoration, homemade soap, personal souvenirs, cosmetics, unusual technical resheniya.Stoit to present each of the gifts in the original design package. This will create more intrigue. This may be as a wrapper, and a simple package with a Christmas picture. Having a bright and original each prepodnosimye gifts, you can surprise your family, relatives, friends and kolleg.Chitayte also:

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