How to choose a wedding dress on a small rise

How to choose a wedding dress on a small rise

Table of contents:

  1. A-line dress
  2. Luxurious dress-transformer
  3. Wedding dress with asymmetrical skirt
  4. Dress year
  5. Stylish short dress with a long train

There are many aspects that can complicatechoice of attire for such an important and at the same time enjoy the event - the wedding. A particular problem is the choice of luxury wedding dresses for petite girls, as incorrectly selected outfit can visually make them even smaller.

Slight growth reduces the number of styles,who will be able to perfectly emphasize the attractiveness and gracefulness of the girls, but there are some variations that will look the best way. Properly selected style will accentuate tenderness, fragility and elegance of women. But remember that you can not choose the heat of the moment, because you can make a lot of mistakes that the holiday is not only spoil the mood, but also cause some inconvenience in wearing the dress.

A-line dress



One of the winning choices are dressesA-line skirt with a relatively lush, as they can enhance the proportionality of the figures and divert attention away from the bride's small growth. In order to cope with the search for a better option, pay attention to the bridal salon, where you can choose something interesting.

Luxurious dress-transformer


Original and unusual dress-transformer created in such a way that it can combine the several options along with special features:

  • The first option is a refined and sophisticated. This is a long dress that not only looks stylish, but also luxurious. And this outfit for the wedding can be considered the best option.
  • But the second option is a bright image, where the lower part of the dress can be cleaned.

The peculiarity of this costume is that there is a removable sleeve or skirt, so that depending on the situation, you can change the dress, creating a new image.

Please note that the removable skirt perfectlysuitable for weddings celebration event on the second day, or after the official registration, because the bride can remove the long train and stay in a practical, but at the same time a beautiful dress.

Wedding dress with asymmetrical skirt

The dress with cutThe dress with cut

The bride can attract the attention of interestedto your image through the use of interesting options, such as a dress with asymmetrical skirt. On the one hand, the dress is decorated with a large cut, on the other hand there are various decorative items, for example, lush and voluminous bows, beautiful embroidery and many other interesting details. Asymmetry visually stretches the silhouette, thus emphasizing its luxury.

Dress year


Dress year perfect for those brides who do notlike classical nature, and they want to emphasize their originality, style and expressiveness in appearance. Hollywood bride find a style the most stylish and fashionable, because it is well on the red carpet can be really luxurious. Flared from the knees down skirt - this is the main distinctive quality of this style of wedding dress.

Stylish short dress with a long train

Short with a trainShort with a train

In order to make visually above and brideslimmer, it is possible to consider another type of wedding dress - short dress with a long train. Due to such a style, you can show the slender legs, but note that a simple short dress with no additions will not be able to solve the problem of small stature, so you should choose styles with a long and luxurious train. Lush and elegant "tail" allows you to make the originality of appearance, so that others will not focus on the small increase of the bride.

Each wedding dress - it presentwork of art, as designers and fashion designers are trying to make every effort to ensure that the bride was the most beautiful. But remember that only an individual approach allows you to choose the very dress.

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