How to decorate the Christmas table 2017

How to decorate the Christmas table 2017

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The most fabulous and magical celebration thatwaiting for both adults and children - is, of course, New Year's Eve. Always ready for him with inspiration and a special thrill, try every possible way to please the character of the year, thinking through decoration New Year's table and creating culinary shedevry.Simvolom coming New 2017 by east horoscope is a Fire Rooster. 2017 promises to be bright and memorable. Each of us is waiting for something very special this year. Cock - a proud bird, his mood will determine the nature of the events that happen to us in the New Year. To the owner of the year and was pleased with the good pleasure for all our endeavors and dreams, you have to meet him in the right way. Describing the Rooster, we know that he likes to be the center of attention, it is necessary to notice, and to please him, that's when he will be happy and dovolen.Novy 2017 - the year of the Fire Rooster recommended to meet with the family and those closest to you.

We prepare and decorate

It is important not only how you decorate the Christmas table, but also what you put on it.Note!Rooster clearly does not like it if you decide to entertain guests poultry, particularly chicken.fruit platefruit plate


Preference should be given to beef, pork,mutton. It is advisable not to bring to the table dishes of turkey, duck or perepela.Otlichnym option may be dishes of potatoes and pork, baked in clay pots. Rooster will love this table setting in a rustic style. Also you can cook juicy meatloaf with mushrooms and herbs; Meat stuffed with cranberries; flaky meat with tomatoes and greens. A good option for a holiday menu can be a vegetable stew, baked with cheese in the oven.Rose cucumberRose cucumberMain courses can be decorated with flowers, cut outof fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers (fresh or salted), radish, lemon, olives, apples. Fire Rooster do not mind to be seen on the holiday table an abundance of fresh vegetables and cuts.Note!It is necessary to refuse submission to the tablestuffed chicken eggs is not necessary to use them and other decoration festive dishes. Do not worry, you can add eggs to salads, and for serving meals to choose quail eggs.Rose CarrotRose CarrotStrive not with fried and heavily salted, mealsIt should be easy, not much calorie and simple. Do not use canned food and pickles, let your table will consist of dishes prepared from fresh vegetables.

Sandwiches and canapés

Beautiful serving sandwiches with caviarBeautiful serving sandwiches with caviarFor snacks, choose sandwiches and canapés withtomato or orange pepper, fish, red caviar and crab sticks, then you and colors and will rejoice Cockerel soak some bread fresh. Making sandwiches at the New Year's table is required to think over, it should be festive.Original canapes with herringOriginal canapes with herringCanape usually look so smart, but you have to decide how to serve a festive meal, for example, sometimes canapes stuck in a loaf, loaf or vegetable.

From fish

The bright design of the fillerThe bright design of the fillerPerfect for the holiday table canbecome fish dishes. Choose what you prefer: Asian cuisine, Mediterranean and Russian cuisine. If you still prefer Slavic dishes, it can be very useful is jellied fish, or baked in the oven.Fish, richly decorated with verdureFish, richly decorated with verdurePike perch, sturgeon, trout - one for a delicious andfestive dishes very much. If you're fed whole fish, score the back of it, insert it into the notches on the lemon slice, garnish with mayonnaise, add the greens and pieces of vegetables. Received very appetizing.


Decorated for the New Year saladsDecorated for the New Year saladsRooster like seafood salads andshrimp, rice and rolls. In vegetable salads give preference to tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. Any salad and cold snacks can be arranged thematically in the form of Christmas trees and Santa Claus, most importantly, more green. Dill, parsley, lettuce make such lush green and bright, it's very like the owner of the coming year.

Desserts and sweet table

Here you have the right to come up with anything, most importantly,do not do much sophisticated desserts and desserts containing alcohol. Everything else like Rooster. For children can bake cookies or muffins with berries and nuts. In addition, you can cook biscuits, rolls with predictions pleasant wishes for the coming year will be pleasing to your family, everyone with a smile and appreciate such a surprise will be waiting expectantly predskazaniya.Umestny performance will gingerbread in the shape of Christmas trees, house, rooster, etc. e., they may be present, and refreshments. This delicious gift made with their own hands will be the most pleasant surprise for the guests.Figure cookiesFigure cookiesBe creative and raduyte their loved ones.


Decoration of lemon cocktailDecoration of lemon cocktailDo not choose a strong liquor, bettercelebrate the New Year with a glass of wine or champagne. The ideal option may become colored and bright, like a cock's tail, cocktails. Those who do not drink alcohol, Rooster offers natural juices and fruit drinks, especially drinks decorate the table red and yellow flowers.Glass decorated with colored sugar and black olivesGlass decorated with colored sugar and black olives


To please the Rooster Set the table with flowersthis year. Preference is to give shades of red, yellow and gold. But do not decorate the table strongly pronounced. Choose a tablecloth light colors and natural fabrics. Dishes on your desk can be patterned with gold or bright colors, it is like the symbol of the eastern horoscope, but it is desirable that it is made of natural materials: glass, wood, clay.With Red Christmas dishes and in the center of the compositionWith Red Christmas dishes and in the center of the compositionFire Rooster just loves classical music andsimplicity, here it is not necessary to invent something original. Choose napkins to match the tablecloth, if you have napkins made from natural flax, be sure to use them to serve beautifully festive table, Rooster will be pleasantly surprised. Glasses can be decorated with natural waxed cord or pieces of burlap. Cutlery can be decorated with fir branches and tied with natural threads or gold cord. Naturalness in everything - Rooster is very pleasant. Decorate your home and holiday table in a rustic style. If you have stored wooden toys or candlesticks, wicker or clay vases, all these elements of decor perfectly complement a festive interior. In the center of the table put a dish with sprouts and a cup of pure water, it will show how you expect the host of next year and looking forward to meeting him. Instead sparklers better decorate the table with plenty of candles in red or gold colors, they will give a warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere.With gold-colored accentsWith gold-colored accentsThe long-awaited holiday of the New Year should bethe most memorable. Try to please and appease the Fire Rooster him his reception for the whole year, because otherwise he can show all his irascibility haraktera.Chitayte and our other articles:

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