How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2017

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2017

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  1. Festive decoration
  2. Festive attire for green beauty
  3. "Sew" dress themselves
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In 2017, to replace the Fire or RedMonkey will come a rooster. This symbol, the economic, punctual, ambitious, conservative and on the other requires the same. To cater to the animal, it is necessary to instill in his character some of these kachestv.Hotite to the coming year to be happy and successful? It is unlikely that someone will respond negatively to this question. And that desire to fruition, it is necessary to appease the animal symbol of the coming year. Fire Rooster - poultry proud that requires attention, and because it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for the New Year. In the year of the Rooster is important cook delicious dishes on a festive table (of course, without a chicken in the composition of meals), thoroughly clean and decorate your home.What to chooseWhat to chooseBalls of different colors, textures and sizes,a variety of garlands, tinsel - is now in stores are facing huge variety of ornaments for the Christmas tree and house. Necessarily there was confused as to dress the beautiful forest. It is necessary to make a start in the choice of who will be the patron of the year. Let's see how to decorate a Christmas tree in 2017 in accordance with the year of the Rooster.

Festive decoration

The decor in the colors of fireThe decor in the colors of fireFirst of all, you need to pay attention to Colour. Rooster will be the Fire, and therefore, in the decoration should beuse fiery palette, from bright yellow to deep red. These shades will give a house luxurious appearance and brightness. There are a few tips for festive decoration of the house to welcome the year of the Rooster:

  1. Forest guests - the Christmas tree - in the middle of the room, which will be a holiday. And toys and other decorations must be in color, bright, that is similar to the rooster feathers.
  2. To attract money luck hangImage of money, but you can own bills. The bigger the money, the more chances to attract wealth into the house. Traditionally it accepted to put at the bottom, near the trunk, figurines of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, but do not forget about the symbol of the year. It is necessary to put under the Christmas tree with a cup of grain, or put a few spikelets of wheat. This meal will love cock.
  3. The prosperity of the house can bring a design table in a rustic style: a tablecloth made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, beautiful wicker bowl with vegetables and fruits.

New Year in the country-styleNew Year in the country-style

Festive attire for green beauty

New Year, above all, a family holiday. Every family has some special traditions associated with the celebration of 31 December. And decorated trees, together with their families will bring a lot of joy. But the question arises, how beautifully decorate a Christmas tree at home. After all, a huge selection of Christmas toys is confusing: it would be desirable and that, and another, and the third, but in the end it turns out tree so bright that the eye is painful to look. In 2017, you can yourself and especially not to limit: the more colorful forest beauty is, the more it will appeal to the Fiery Rooster. But still have to choose the decoration for the tree of the colors that are close to or well together with red: all shades of yellow and red. Very good combination of gold with red: Toys in a range of colors attract the house wealth and good fortune.Note!Lovers of simplicity, brevity and ornaments in white and silver palette to be in this New Year to change priorities.Red balls on the Christmas treeRed balls on the Christmas treeA clear focus and finishing the whole "dress" treeelement is a tip. The best thing here would look figure symbol of the coming year - the Rooster. And in general it is useful to hang on the Christmas tree toys in the form of a few males or females.Cockerel on the Christmas treeCockerel on the Christmas treeIf you think that you need to spend a lot of moneybeautiful decoration for the Christmas tree and the house, then you are mistaken. Trends clearly show that is now much more original and interesting look toys made with their own hands, all kinds of jobbing. Why is that? Judge for yourself:

  • Firstly, such ornaments more you no one will come across;
  • Secondly, there are many techniques to create a copyright toys that have the power to master any person: beadwork, decoupage, knitting, etc .;.
  • thirdly, it is a fascinating pastime for the whole family.

"Sew" dress themselves

Christmas balls decoupageChristmas balls decoupageSo, if you decide to make your own toy, you will the following statement:

  • To create Christmas decorations you will need:
  • Simple Christmas tree balls. They are very inexpensive, the only condition that they must have a smooth surface.
  • A small amount of paint gold or white.
  • Sponge (suitable one ware which my, of course, new).
  • Paper napkins, which depicts roosters and chickens (and any other possible design).
  • Slightly diluted PVA glue.
  • Acrylic nail topcoat.

Toy manufacturing process itself is very simple:

  1. To start using a sponge balls coat thin layer of paint.
  2. While the paint dries, cut out images of roosters napkins. After complete drying of the coating stick figures cocks slightly diluted white glue with water.
  3. The last layer - acrylic lacquer. It remains to wait until it dries, and a unique design decoration for the Christmas tree is ready. Is not it easy to create such beauty?

homemade garlandhomemade garlandMake own can not only toys,and garlands. They are also great to decorate the Christmas tree. The easiest way to make them out of paper. Before you proceed directly to the manufacture of garlands, it is necessary to determine its shape and material. From plain paper will turn light and airy decoration and made of thick cardboard or - more severe. As for design, you can choose either the standard colored paper or newspaper, candy wrappers, greeting cards, in general, will fit almost any material.Samy easiest option - a garland of flags. First you have to cut out squares of paper, then fold them in half and putting on a diagonal rope, glue the halves with glue. You can replace the boxes of any other figure, you get a completely different version.The chain on the Christmas treeThe chain on the Christmas treePerhaps some will say that there is no need so muchdevote time decorating the house and tree, which is much more important to prepare dishes for the holiday table. On the one hand, it is true, of course, no New Year treats hard to imagine. However, on the other hand, we must remember that the symbol of 2017 - Fire Rooster - a bird that loves order and harmony in all things, as well as the brightness of colors. And so a few days before the New Year and take care of the beauty of your home and Christmas trees.

A photo

Balls of corrugated paper collected in garlandBalls of corrugated paper collected in garlandHearts made of paper Christmas treeHearts made of paper Christmas treeEdible Christmas decorationsEdible Christmas decorationsPainted Christmas ballPainted Christmas ballSimple paper toy on the Christmas treeSimple paper toy on the Christmas treeFrom lace and openwork paperFrom lace and openwork paperUsing the buttonsUsing the buttonsGingerbread cookies on Christmas treeGingerbread cookies on Christmas treeToys made of felt on the Christmas treeToys made of felt on the Christmas treeWalnutsWalnutsGarlands of pastaGarlands of pastaDecor transparent ballDecor transparent ballDecorated with ribbons and Christmas ball gridDecorated with ribbons and Christmas ball gridBeads on the Christmas treeBeads on the Christmas treeWith rhinestonesWith rhinestonesBows on the Christmas treeBows on the Christmas tree

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