How to decorate an office on New Year's Eve 2017

How to decorate an office on New Year's Eve 2017

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  5. Installing wood beauty
  6. elegant design

Many are trying to advance to prepare for theNew Year. It's not just shopping trips to purchase gifts, but the room decoration, which will be a festive event. Naturally, it is desirable to spend New Year with his family. In addition, on the eve of the winter holiday all businesses and organizations planning to celebrate it in a circle of employees. It is desirable that the mood was festive. To do this, beautifully decorate the office, preparing him for the New Year 2017.

Your Ideas

Where to place the tree in the officeWhere to place the tree in the officeMaking office space, it is necessary to focus on the presence of the thematic decorations that will leave a positive workplace.window Decorationwindow DecorationNaturally, we should not forget that this festival provides for beautiful Christmas treeUnder which subsequently can be addedgifts. It is advisable to take seriously the selection of beautiful Christmas, even if it is tiny. In addition, it is desirable to decorate all the rooms. Office of the Director should also be decorated with, because every day there is a large number of people who expect the holiday approached.

Office cleaning

Requires New Year's cleaningRequires New Year's cleaningIn our time, not too difficult to decorate the officewith his own hands. However, to start decoration of the premises with the necessary cleaning. This will eliminate unnecessary paper and throw away all the things that are not needed. Run any office cleaning can be with the help of staff, asking them to carry out cleaning in the workplace. By spring cleaning in the office, it is possible to consider various options for jewelry.


It is desirable to provide a place for the main tree, as well as to come up with a variety of ornaments for cabinet doors, windows and sills.Wreaths at the doorWreaths at the doorThere must be not just beautiful flowers, andregistration in accordance with a Christmas theme. Do not forget about the symbolism. It is important to remember what year out (Year of the Monkey) and what is coming to replace him (Year of the Rooster). If the correct approach to the selection of jewelry, you can make the office holiday quickly and inexpensively. Today formalize office without the cost can be in the event that if you make jewelry with your own hands.Office Christmas treeOffice Christmas tree

Create hands

On the tables of all the staff can arrange a small cocks, which can be made from paper or felt.End of the Line of paperEnd of the Line of paperThis is advantageous embodiment, because it does notzatrat.Esli require specific office space is small, the tree will not fit. An alternative may be ordinary houseplants, which quickly can be decorated using colored or silver rain, or a homemade Christmas tree.Paper Christmas treesPaper Christmas treesBeautifully will look tinsel, which is selected by the office interior. An excellent option for registration office can be balloons. If possible, you can buy helium balloons.

Installing wood beauty

When decorating the office, remember that kindcompany. If publishing, it is possible to make the Christmas tree of the books. She is beautiful can be accommodated on the wall, on shelves. There needs imagination and creative thinking. If this is the company that manufactures sweets, then as a decoration, you can use a variety of wrappers or candy. They can also be nice to put on the wall or securely fastened to the frame, creating the shape of a Christmas tree.From booksFrom booksEstablishing the office beautiful forest, it is not necessaryremember that it should not interfere with the employees, as it is not set for one day. Sometimes it's better to do it on the wall. Make a Christmas tree can be of any objects, such as paper, toys, wood, plastic, electric garlands, souvenirs and photos.Firs wallFirs wall

elegant design

Available in boxes of artificial snow will make the holiday really beautiful. After all, the New Year is associated with snow.Note!It must be remembered about security. It is undesirable to hang ornaments on a variety of lighting fixtures, as this may cause a fire.Beautiful receptionBeautiful receptionIt is better to decorate the doors, walls and window sill thatIt makes the room beautiful and festive. In the office, you can put a small mailbox in a conspicuous place, where over a period of throwing congratulations to any employee. All greetings can be read during a corporate party.Christmas tree on your desktopChristmas tree on your desktopIt is advisable to decorate the office the whole team. Such moments unite sotrudnikov.Chitayte also:

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