How to set the table for the New Year 2017

How to set the table for the New Year 2017

Table of contents:

  1. Making table and dishes
  2. What and how to put on the table

On New Year's important to cover the festivetable. There will be important the smallest details. After all, the owner of the future 2017 - Rooster - has its own preferences and offended if he does not will be given due attention.

Making table and dishes

Firstly, the importance of the choice of colorrange. You can choose to design the holiday table bright colors such as red, gold, with splashes of green and blue, because these colors are present in the coloring of the symbol of the next year.Herring under a fur coat versionHerring under a fur coat versionCreate a new vision of each of the dishes, even ifThis traditional New Year dish. Creative imagination, serve an Olivier same: make serving a la carte, consider decorating, use fresh herbs, cut out the figures of vegetables. Do not overdo it: the table should look smart, but not to such an extent that rippled in glazah.Vybiraya dishes Serving New Year's table, try to do without plastic. The ideal option would be wooden tableware painted Khokhloma, fit and porcelain from Gzhel blue and white ornaments. If neither one nor the other is not, the preferred option would be the usual dishes with a pattern of red or golden tones.serving GZHELserving GZHELGood will look napkins contrastshades. If you choose not to paper and cloth napkins, it can be used to design decorative koltsa.Poseredine table you can place a Christmas song, composed of fir branches and Christmas wreath with candles in the center.New Year's composition on the tableNew Year's composition on the table

What and how to put on the table

It is important to bring everything to the table prepared toa certain sequence, taking into account the wishes of all the guests. On the table must be present symbol of the future, in one form or another, and treat for him. This may be a bright tablecloth with cocks, rooster figurine or a soft toy, finally, each tray can be put fir twig, attach the Christmas toy with his image.Serving with fir twig and toysServing with fir twig and toysAs the rooster loves corn in any form,Put a plate on holiday table with him or make a menu so that the table had various pastries. An excellent option in the Year of the Rooster will decoration and creation of snacks in the form of colorful birds.Salad, laid out in the form of chickenSalad, laid out in the form of chickenThink about what lay on the table that should beon the table at each time interval. Make sure that the dishes are promptly replaced with each other, and the table does not remain half empty. It must be thoroughly thought-out sequence, with certain types of hot, placed in the proximity of several stages. For example, to get started is to put on the table baked fish, and then after a certain period of time you can pamper guests and individual variants of dishes based on beef or pork.Serving meat dishesServing meat dishesNote!In the year of the Rooster must abandon the chicken.Creating a festive table, do not forget aboutgarnish. These can be separately cooked porridge, which is important in the year of the Rooster, and baked potato or bean dishes with sauce. Recipes for the year of the Rooster, you can see here and here.Baked potatoesBaked potatoesNote!If you choose to use spices and herbs to find out about visitors' preferences in order to avoid unpleasant surprises for the New Year table, possible allergies, for that matter, on any food product.serving a canapeserving a canapeOn New Year's table should be prepared andseveral cold appetizers: Sandwiches with sprats and vegetables, red fish, ham, various canapés that are optimally suited to the waiting period for the main course.Making cutsMaking cutsTo cover the budget table should try,but if we approach this issue wisely, you can save more than a significant amount of money. Firstly, using simple and inexpensive products. If the wallet does not allow the size of the sandwiches with salmon to replace sandwiches with herring, give up the red and black caviar, do not prepare salads with exotic ingredients. Believe me, with proper approach even from vegetables and fruits, unpretentious varieties of fish and pork or beef can be cooked a hearty, delicious and abundant holiday table. If you want to save money, buy a minimum of ready meals, such as salads or sausages. Remarkably, if you are stocking up something for the winter. Pickled tomatoes, cucumbers, lecho, pickled cabbage, homemade compotes - all this is so at home and will love cock. And what delicious meals you can cook meat, replacing them shoplifter sausage. For example, you can make your own boiled pork in onion skins. Moreover, it will not only be cheaper, but not as an example more useful.Boiled pork in onion skinsBoiled pork in onion skinsDo not go into the New Year 2017 at a galatable without fruit. This, of course, sweet grapes, tangerines all your favorite. Ripe bananas and oranges can be cut into slices and arrange on a plate and make all kinds of fruit composition.Fruit slicedFruit slicedFor dessert cook pie or cake,take care of quality drinks. It can be stewed fruit or juice, that will set off the sweetness of a little dessert. Other guests have to taste the fragrant tea with or without milk, and there are coffee lovers. Try to take into account the tastes of all guests.Cake on New Year's tableCake on New Year's tableIn preparation for the holiday, do not forget to give yourselfrelax just before the arrival of guests to meet them in a cheerful and friendly mood. Suppose you do not have time then, most importantly, to keep them strength for most of the New Year celebrations.

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