Makeup for the New Year 2017

Makeup for the New Year 2017

Table of contents:

  1. Selection of cosmetics
  2. Rules of Application: User
  3. If you need sequins
  4. New Retro Style
  5. Smoky eyes 2017
  6. Rainbow
  7. The color of eyes
  8. A photo

New Year's Eve - it's something magical and... an unforgettable turn of the old and the new year ... Of great importance is the way we celebrate the New Year. The important role played by small things - clothes, jewelry, accessories, and of course, New Year's make-up. Let's look at fashion trends make-apa, stylists that we have prepared in the year of the Red Fire Cock, decide how to do make-up for the New Year 2017.Simvol coming year - Fire Rooster. This bird is a proud and self-confident. It is appropriate to uninhibited, bold and bright outfit. The same can be said about the make-up. Can not afraid to use all sorts of shades and colors with a variety of sequins, rhinestones and Bulonki.Green eye makeupGreen eye makeupIt is preferable to be bright fiery shades:

  • red,
  • yellow,
  • Orange,
  • golden,
  • burgundy,
  • coffee,
  • gold.

Yellow shade - it is bright and smartlyYellow shade - it is bright and smartlyWell, if the colors are harmoniously makeupechoes the dress or Christmas costumes. But, given the current trend, it is not absolutely necessary. You can, on the contrary, a pastel dress to make a bright flashy make-up, which will be the highlight of the entire image of the New Year.

Selection of cosmetics

Long-lasting makeupLong-lasting makeupFor New Year's Eve is best to choose high-quality andresistant makeup. Firstly, it is important to make perfectly lasted all night. Secondly, given the dance, dance, and perhaps access to the street, where it is snowing, cosmetics should be water resistant. To any of snowflakes, no tears of joy festive mejk not drip. It is important that the shadows are not pushed, mascara and eyeliner does not crumble and powder and tonal framework does not create the effect of porcelain mask on his face.

Rules of Application: User

Applying make-upApplying make-up

  1. Before applying the makeup you need to skinprepare, step by step: quality wash, refresh the face tonic and apply a light moisturizer. If the skin is mature, it is recommended to be massaged a nourishing cream or make a mask.
  2. Making color perfectly smooth face and hide flawsIt helps a good tonal basis. The color must be chosen in the skin tone to make-up was a natural. Apply properly tonalnik the natural contours of your face.
  3. When the foundation went smoothly and a little soaked(1-2 minutes), you need to apply powder. It is advisable to do a fluffy brush, so as not to overdo it and do not score the skin pores. When the dense layer of powdered face will look unnatural and will manifest facial wrinkles.
  4. After that, you can begin to design the eyebrows, eyes and lips. To end the need to apply blush and highlight cheekbones - then make-up will look unbeatable and sexy.

Note!For small eyes necessarily requires a coal-black eyeliner, thanks to which you can visually enlarge, expand and stretch the eyes, creating the effect of a cunning fox look.

If you need sequins

In the New Year's Eve 2017 actual use of sequins and rhinestones in make-up.Smokey Eyes GlitterSmokey Eyes GlitterChoose two or three shades of shadows thatmost suited to your eye color and skin. The lightest of shades, apply under the eyebrow. The rest of the shadows blend from dark to light in the mobile eyelid. Eyes are expressive, if the inner corner apply light flickering shadows. If you plan to apply glitter not all eyelid, and bitmap, then put a cotton swab neat point Vaseline or cream, and top with a brush, apply glitter. Beautifully will look rhinestones on the tips of lashes on the eyelid or on line growth resnits.Oformlyaya makeup, do not forget the eyebrows. Ng 2017 in broad fashion, natural eyebrows, which can be emphasized by using a pencil and a special brush for eyebrows.

New Retro Style

It has long been fashionable retro style. Makeup "a la 70" - a win-win situation for any event. The main feature retro black makeup are perfectly aligned elongated arrows. In order to focus on the theme of the New Year can be used for base shiny white or golden shade. It is also permissible on the arrow to put some sparkle, or decorate them with rhinestones.Makeup in the style of pin-upMakeup in the style of pin-up

Instruction execution retro Meiko:

  1. In the pre-cleaned and moisturized skinface and neck is applied a light tone cream and covered with a matte powder. The second option - is to use a shimmering powder, which is important in the New Year's Eve 2017.
  2. Blush should be as light, for example, a peach hue. Bronzer and blush in the dark make-up is not relevant.
  3. Eyebrow shaping requires a careful approach. The lines must be perfectly aligned. To do this, use a dark shadow, pencil or mascara for the eyebrows.
  4. For ever is necessary to put the base at will and draw a clear direction. For owners of green eyes permissible dark purple arrows, and for the brown-eyed - dark blue or green.
  5. The retro makeup lips play a huge role. They should be bright red or maroon. At the same thin lips need a little boost with a pencil. If in the middle of the lower lip to add a drop of gloss, it will look fuller and more effective.

In the style of pin-up for blondesIn the style of pin-up for blondesTo retro image was full - make the appropriate hairstyle and pick up a dress in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

Smoky eyes 2017

Smoky makeup smokey style - a good solutionon New Year's party. Firstly, this style Meiko clearly highlights the eyes. Secondly, it is able to correct the problem of small eyes or overhanging century. Thirdly, smoky allows use of any colors as matte and shimmering.Smokey ice with brown shadowsSmokey ice with brown shadowsFor high quality makeup smoky iceYou need to cut around the black grease pencil lower and upper eyelid, without connecting them with each other. This is followed by a pencil to shade up and slightly to the side, to give the cat's eye elongated appearance. By the makeup can add a dark shade of any color by mixing shades and turn bright saturated makeup.

Color Smoky aqua ice
Color Smoky aqua iceTo perform color smokey, first on the eyelidprimer is applied. Then brush it is necessary to add a color shade to the outer corner of the century rolling stock and shade. After a bit impose a lighter shade of the same color closer to the inner corner of the movable century and accurately shade again. To finish you can apply black eyeliner or dark blue (green), depending on the color gamut of makeup.


Bright make-up of traditional rainbow colorsBright make-up of traditional rainbow colorsThis makeup style in the trend for several years andNG 2017 was no exception. This bright make-up using multiple shades of shadows. To perform such a make, you need to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. On the prepared skin is applied to the base.
  2. On the upper eyelid is necessary to cause bodily shadow or powder. It will serve as a base for the future make-up.
  3. Then, the upper eyelid is applied to the white arrow.
  4. Then the arrow need to fill with colored shadows. On the inner corner of the pink color is applied, then - orange, green, blue and purple.
  5. Above the arrow on the movable century shaded shadows corresponding hue.
  6. For saturation makeup on the upper and lower eyelid to apply eyeliner along the contour of the growth of eyelashes.
  7. Mascara can use a black or blue.
  8. To complete the peach or caramel shade summed lips.
  9. Do not forget the blush.

With the use of green, blue and pink shadesWith the use of green, blue and pink shadesWhat would make you would choose, remember thatall should be in moderation. If you highlight bright eyes, lipstick should be bright or neutral. If the eyes are not too bright, then it stands out dark or bright lips.

The color of eyes

Definitely a different eye color fits a different makeup. There are several optimal solutions, which will be discussed below.

Brown eyes

Owners brown eyes can be dispersed inany color. For brown eyes perfect yellow-brown shades with rich black arrows. Make-up in the style of "Smokey Eyes" or "retro" fit under most brown eyes in New Year's Eve.Black and brown shadows with a strokeBlack and brown shadows with a strokeMakeup for brown eyesMakeup for brown eyesMarked eyebrows and lipsMarked eyebrows and lips

Green eyes

The objective of the green-eyed beauties emphasizenature bright eyes. For green eyes, the best solution will be maroon, copper and purple hues. To the use of such colors was not the effect of "tearful and red-eye", it is recommended to complete the make-up black arrows on the upper and lower eyelid.Makeup for green eyesMakeup for green eyesThe color MarsalaThe color MarsalaWith orange shadows and green arrowsWith orange shadows and green arrows

Blue eyes

The most correct option selection blue eyesIt will use the blue shades of shadows with black pencil or eyeliner. In use a white pencil, eye shadow primer or as a base for blue eyes better. External corner upper movable century stands pale blue shimmering shadows. External corner better to emphasize the dark blue color. Finally, we can draw the accurate fine line arrow on cilia growth.Orange, yellow and green shadeOrange, yellow and green shadeThe classic version for blue eyesThe classic version for blue eyesMakeup color peacock featherMakeup color peacock feather

A photo

See also a selection of photos with a beautiful holiday makeup:Green shade arrow and false eyelashesGreen shade arrow and false eyelashesBright make-up in blue and pink colorsBright make-up in blue and pink colorsBright lips and handsBright lips and handsWith a retro make-up focus on lipsWith a retro make-up focus on lipsThe Chicago style 20sThe Chicago style 20sThe beige and brown colorsThe beige and brown colorsOptions for eye make-up with golden shadesOptions for eye make-up with golden shadesOptions makeup for brown eyes in shades of greenOptions makeup for brown eyes in shades of greenOptions for make-up for brown eyesOptions for make-up for brown eyesShadows with glitterShadows with glitterWith bright retro arrowWith bright retro arrowWith the decoration of eyelashesWith the decoration of eyelashesSmokey Eyes for green eyes in shades of graySmokey Eyes for green eyes in shades of grayWith the use of multiple bright colorsWith the use of multiple bright colorsPink and purple shadows and arrowsPink and purple shadows and arrowsPink and blue smokePink and blue smokeRainbow MakeoverRainbow MakeoverPearly shadePearly shadeThe orange shadeThe orange shadeOrange, pink and gray shadowsOrange, pink and gray shadowsMake-up in retro styleMake-up in retro styleMake-up in purple tonesMake-up in purple tonesRed shade - unusualRed shade - unusualArtistic festive makeoverArtistic festive makeoverSmokey Black Solid IceSmokey Black Solid IceBlack sequins emphasize the depth of viewBlack sequins emphasize the depth of viewGolden shadows on New Year's Eve 2017Golden shadows on New Year's Eve 2017Coral shadeCoral shadeEasy festive makeoverEasy festive makeoverAnd finally, a few turn-based fotoinstruktsy:The scheme of drawing festive eye makeupThe scheme of drawing festive eye makeupThe scheme applying eye makeup for green-brown eyesThe scheme applying eye makeup for green-brown eyesThe scheme applying makeup for hazel brown eyesThe scheme applying makeup for hazel brown eyesThe scheme of drawing gold shadowsThe scheme of drawing gold shadowsSmokey Eyes for brown gasSmokey Eyes for brown gasSmokey ice with golden shadesSmokey ice with golden shadesSee also:

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