New Year 2017 in Chelyabinsk

New Year 2017 in Chelyabinsk

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  1. Family dinner or a crazy party
  2. Options for guests
  3. A few tips

Today many people are thinking, how cangorgeous and bright celebrate New Year. If you celebrate the New Year 2017 at home with the family certainly do not want to, you need to decide in advance where it is better to go and where to celebrate the coming New Year holidays. Of course, choosing, it's important to pay attention to those places and places that will delight created a Christmas atmosphere, where the atmosphere will surprise with its uniqueness, refreshments will be delicious, and New Year's program nasyschennoy.Konechno, New Year's Eve 2017 in Chelyabinsk can pass and in the circle of family and friends you people just for the celebration is to find a new place to make the effect of novelty and not to mention, finally rid of housewives to lay a festive table routine needed.Revolution squareRevolution squareChoosing a place to celebrate New Year 2017sometimes not be limited to traditional gatherings of the New Year's table, though in some restaurant. Perhaps this is the year should take to the streets and the reason New Year's dance around the Christmas tree in the central square of the city - the Revolution Square. This will not only enjoy a colorful show extravaganza, but also to meet with friends and acquaintances among the general merriment and glee. In 2017, New Year's Eve in the square you can admire on a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, take part in folk festivities, take a picture with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Family dinner or a crazy party

However, there is something attractive in the long termcelebrate the New Year in the warmth of eating all sorts of goodies, with dancing, competitions, in festive attire. If you have the desire and financial ability, choose a New Year banquet, which could be held in any of the clubs or restoranov.Kak rule, choosing where to celebrate New Year, which meet a friendly company, we highlight certain priorities for itself and pretends financial opportunities.Disco 80sDisco 80sIf you like disco '80s, then plungehead in the atmosphere can be in the cafe of the city of Chelyabinsk, which is the so-called «DISCO-80." You are here expects retro atmosphere, entertainment program, professional karaoke, contests and surprises. The menu consists of cold appetizers, salads and hot blyud.Restoran "Garnet" at Bazhov Lermontov street or in an alley please New Year's Eve at an attractive price, where everything is included, including the show, menu and drinks. The restaurant "Les" is in Gagarin park, so from the windows of a beautiful winter landscape. Prices are affordable, comfortable interior and pleasant service.Banquet hall of the restaurant Banquet hall of the restaurant The "2nd floor" karaoke bar offers a uniquefriendly atmosphere, hookah and sound quality. A karaoke restaurant "Hairpin" will offer loft-style interior, and professional sound equipment, delicious cuisine. There is a VIP-hall for 15 chelovek.Otorvatsya New Year's Eve can be in clubs such as «Mad Flat», «Moonlight», «Mirage».

Options for guests

Castle UvildyCastle UvildyIf you want to retire somewhere in nature,You can stay in a hotel complex "Castle on Lake Uvildy". The tower "Castle" offers a beautiful view of the mountains and the lake itself. Large Talovsky Ridge Mountains Itsyl and Jurmala - it's all here. Rest and relaxation can vary extreme - riding on snegohodah.Esli you arrive in the city by plane, the airport is located near the hotel "Utes". In the New Year's Eve you here happily meet Santa Claus. The holiday program promises to be rich to be a DJ and presenter. Menu will abundant, and can bring their own drinks.

A few tips

Carefully choose the menuCarefully choose the menu

  1. Thinking where to go, it is necessary to consider whatIt will be a festive table, because you probably have a personal preference. Stipulate that point in advance. Through this thoughtful approach, you do not find yourself in unexpected situations.
  2. It is important to choose the full sets of gifts,which will be presented to your friends and relatives on behalf of Santa Claus. It is possible to discuss in detail with the staff. Surprises from Santa Claus always surprise and give a reason to once again believe in miracles.
  3. Choosing a city institution, is to determine thenumber of guests and all your company: not every restaurant can accommodate the required number of people. It is necessary to give preference to those institutions that will be able to offer holiday program, not just the usual goodies from the Christmas menu. Such restaurants - with live music, unusual interior, leading their own - will help to enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

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