New Year 2017 in Kazan

New Year 2017 in Kazan

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  2. Festivities on the square
  3. Celebration at restaurant
  4. Alone with nature

Every year the city of Russia is confirmed by the factthat celebrate the New Year is very positive and also can be fun at any edge of our vast country. Almost everywhere you can participate in national holidays and to spend a holiday with a great mood. Kazan is also not an exception. It is a vibrant city where ancient history blends with the latest trends.

New Year celebration in 2017 promises to belarge comprehensive event, which will be accompanied by numerous fireworks and entertainment. If you still have not decided how to celebrate New Year 2017 in Kazan, then the information that is necessary.


If you still have not decided where to go for New Year holidays this 2017 then we recommend to consider such options:

  • festivals;
  • a holiday in the country, which can take several days of rest;
  • Banquet in the restaurant;
  • party with dancing and karaoke in the nightclub;
  • New Year in the sauna.

Festivities on the square

Millennium Park

Millennium Park

It has become a tradition to have fun in the centralpart of the city, where residents and visitors expect fairs, theatrical events. The biggest tree is traditionally installed in the park called Millennium, squares and streets are decorated with colorful garlands and various types of illumination. Near the town of puppet theater to be built out of ice. If you have decided to celebrate the New Year holidays in a friendly cheerful company, then we recommend to take part in national holidays. On the main square of the city, anyone can find a game to your liking. Here you can take part in the prize draw, skate, buy gifts, make a huge number of pictures with characters from favorite fairy tales, and after 12 hours of good dance in the disco.

Celebration at restaurant

You can also choose one of the restaurantsKazan to celebrate the New Year. In this city, the New Year celebration is steeped in national colors, as in these institutions are widely represented delicious food Tatar cuisine and pretty exciting entertainment program. In particular, such a celebration will appeal to guests of Kazan, as they will enjoy an unusual feast.


If you can afford it, please visitRestaurant «Kremlin» - is an elite class restaurant, located in the city center, actually a business card of the city. The interior is laid out in detail, the kitchen is exquisite, the staff is ready to go on the first call. Be sure to try the traditional dishes - they are gorgeous. However, prices are not very attractive.


It is also worth noting an expensive restaurant "Rubaiyat", where you can taste not only Tatar, but also a real Uzbek cuisine, experience the atmosphere of the eastern tent.


You can also note the restaurant "Raisin" offeringtraditional cuisine. The restaurant "Violet," which has a lot of positive feedback, if you want to celebrate the New Year with your loved ones or favorite offers a lounge booth with a hookah. In addition, there is karaoke, live music. Kitchen, incidentally, European. For those families with children suitable family cafe "Fairy Tale", which will delight the presence of parents the children's menu and a more democratic prices. Jazz lovers will like the cafe "Old Piano", located near Victory Park.

Old pianoOld piano

If banquet at restaurants is not enough,the perfect sequel will nightclubs. Here all waiting for exciting dancing, cocktails and a barrage of positive emotions. «Gentelmen's Club», «quiet place", "State 51", "Coyote Ugly" will be a good choice.

Coyote UglyCoyote Ugly

If you need somewhere to stay off the road,plan once a place where you can meet the New Year, because almost all hotels offer their own entertainment program in the New Year. One of these places is a hotel-restaurant complex "Europe".

The hotel's restaurant The hotel's restaurant

Alone with nature

Like most Russian cities, KazanNew Year's Eve you can take a small vacation home or cottage for celebration among large families with children and parents. You will be surrounded by the nature of winter can make a barbecue, go straight for New Year's table outside to play in the snow, ice skating, making a snowman or organize their own fireworks show 2017. A lot of the ideas can be realized, if we bear in his own house for disposal city. For example, this service provides ekoferma "Kaensar". You just shoot the Tatar house and get into a private bath, garden furniture, BBQ. Or here's another "Balkysh" sanatorium for a relaxing family holiday. There is a ski track, a swimming pool, sauna, ice rink, sports complex - everything you need for a pleasant meeting of the New Year.


If the power will remain after a tumultuous celebrationsyou will certainly enjoy walking on the most interesting places. Here you can see the beautiful architecture, ancient churches. And be sure to visit the main tourist attraction of Kazan - the Kremlin.

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