Signs in the New Year 2017

Signs in the New Year 2017

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  1. Since the new year in a new life
  2. To year pleased meetings
  3. Like cheese in butter
  4. How to meet

Such is the nature of people, many tryinglift the veil of the future and predict the events of the future. That is why the relevant signs of the new year 2017. 2017 - the year of the Fire Rooster, and yet it can be called a year of love. For red or fire associated primarily with passion and amorous feelings. Anyone who loves or love, the owner of the year will bring good luck, if this little assist, ie, to celebrate the holiday, so that the symbol of the new year ponravilos.Navernyaka, everyone thinks of the New Year successful and rich life, full of joyful events and meetings. However, not everyone knows exactly what to do to all the wishes come true. And it should be quite a bit - to follow some tips to attract good fortune and to pay attention to the signs of Christmas.

Since the new year in a new life

New Year cleaningNew Year cleaningMany New Year's superstitions associated with changesituation. In the house where celebrated the New Year should be well cleaned, dishes without cracks and chips, and the owners of the new, or at least not faded clothes.Note!The rooster will not tolerate carelessness, even in small things. Good luck and prosperity soon find their way into the house, if there will be clean.Update the interiorUpdate the interiorIf you want to dramatically change their lives,start a business or to take on a risky project, it is time to dare. Rooster favors the bold undertakings and promises good luck in business. To be sure of the location of Fortune, is its lure. Start small - from home. Before the feast refresh interior - fit new curtains, table cloth, carpet in the hallway or even furniture that had the imagination and finances. After the holiday, you notice how the spirit of innovation displayed in all that surrounds it.

To year pleased meetings

Choose useful giftsChoose useful giftsGoing to a New Year's Eve for a visit, notforget about good gifts, they should be useful as a host, the Fire does not like trinkets. Bed linen, kitchenware, toiletries, towel, in the end, but not a souvenir. Rooster - a bird shopping, so it is better to receive guests at home, showing kindness and gostepriimstvo.Vyhodya in the morning on December 31 at the store, pay attention to the first passer-by, if a person of the opposite sex, the celebration will take place as well as possible, but if the one you sex, boredom is not izbezhat.V New year, usually gather relatives and close friends at one large table, to how to have fun and celebrate this holiday. And then everyone goes about their business and meet all together is very rare. If you want to make this not happen, tie a rope or strong thread festive table leg, then the coming year will please meet with their relatives and friends.

Like cheese in butter

Money for treeMoney for treeDo you want to live in prosperity? So that money were carried out in the new year, decorate their Christmas tree. What bills hang, and these will be in your purse in the next year. Rubles, dollars, euros - all suitable as igrushek.Esli want to get out of debt, spend the next ritual. It is necessary to throw on the shoulders of something heavy - it will be your "debts". For example, the roll cover. A couple of hours of wearing a heavy object on his own shoulders enough. Get rid of the load it is necessary, when the clock will beat twelve, with the words "I am free!". It is said that after the commission of such a ritual during the year there are funds to pay off all debts.Signs on the moneySigns on the moneyNote!you have to be careful with the dishes. As everyone knows, crockery beating fortunately, but it turns out, not always. If you have broken a dish or toy with Christmas tree, do not worry - it's a pleasure and money, but better to keep the glasses - to family problems are fighting.

How to meet

Bread - a headBread - a headBoss 2017 - Rooster - a fan of cereal, so feel free to put on the table bread and cereals if you want to be healthy and wealthy. Fresh fruits and berries are also perfect for holiday table.Note!Chicken dishes to New Year's Eve, of course, it is better not to apply.There are a number of recommendations and about what ismeet the year of the Rooster. The lady or gentleman in the red - it is a way of approach is the best. Not necessarily be exclusively outfit in this color, a pair will be enough detail - shiny ornaments, feathers, precious stones, which will attract a host of the year, and with it, good luck.

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