Pedicure in the New Year 2017

Pedicure in the New Year 2017

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  1. Types and Features
  2. Fashion 2017
  3. Lunar pedicures
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Pedicure in the New Year 2017 is important, as well as a manicure. Its creation and design should be taken with the utmost responsibility. Trendy pedicure manicure should repeat or combined with it. Before painting your nails, you need to prepare the legs. At a minimum, it is necessary to do a warm foot bath. It is necessary that the skin is softened before further treatments. Then it is necessary to clean the heel with pumice or special brush to file the nails, cuticle cut. If this is done at home is not possible, you should see a specialist in a beauty salon.

Types and Features

Classic pedicure - is the most commonview. His often do not only women but also men. All steamed skin is removed, and the cuticle is cut, nails trimmed with scissors or tweezers, rasp. A variation of the classic pedicure is the European pedicure. In this case, the cuticle is not cut, but simply postponed to the base of the nail. After the procedure, your nails are painted decorative paint.Red white and goldRed white and goldHardware pedicure allows you to get a lotpleasures, but for a fee. This is a new trend in the fashion world. The method assumes a more thorough treatment of the foot, and without the use of water. The result is improved circulation, a well-groomed feet acquire vid.Kombinirovanny method is a combination of the two previously mentioned types of pedicure. Skin is processed by hardware, and the nails already processed manually.Training legsTraining legsCurrently popular pedicure - Spa. During the procedure used means of natural origin: various oils, creams, seaweed. It should be noted that a special emphasis on the effect relaksatsii.Yaponsky pedicure is a delicate medical procedure with the use of herbs, including massage. The basic direction - improving the type of legs and their health. Produced edging method using natural products: oils, extracts, natural silk. It eliminates the use of metal tools.

Fashion 2017

The most fashionable pedicure on New Year's Eve 2017 - French pedicure. He is, as before, is a leading nail designs.Colour French PedicureColour French PedicureFree tip of the nail is covered with white paintor color, if you want to color a French pedicure. The background color can also be varied. Professionals say that decorate the jacket has additional decorative elements is not necessary. Suffice it to a few rhinestones.

Lunar pedicures

It is also a new fashion trend. At the point where the nail hole, causing some color, and the main part of the nail in a contrasting shade paint. The décor of the pedicure can act rhinestones, foil. The classic colors of the New Year 2017 are considered to be white, silver, red, burgundy, black and gold, matte shades are in trend. Form wells need not repeat the natural form. It can for example be triangular.The gray-pinkThe gray-pinkYou can do a reverse French pedicure, it differs in that the hole pattern curved in the opposite direction.

colorful chaos

Bright colorsBright colorsIn the year of the Fire Rooster, may not be worthlimited to one color. Suffice it to skillfully combine them. This gradient may be a solution or a contrast. But here we must be careful: pedicure should not clash with the color of the shoe.

A photo

Trendy Christmas PedicureTrendy Christmas PedicureRed and goldRed and goldFrench pedicure in a coral colorFrench pedicure in a coral colorIn the style of SantaIn the style of SantaThe blue tonesThe blue tonesTraditional Christmas figuresTraditional Christmas figuresWith gold foilWith gold foilWith a pattern of dotsWith a pattern of dotsWith sequins on a white backgroundWith sequins on a white backgroundWith the Christmas theme stickersWith the Christmas theme stickersSimple French pedicureSimple French pedicurePedicure with large colored rhinestonesPedicure with large colored rhinestonesWith BulonkiWith BulonkiThe combination of gold and red glitterThe combination of gold and red glitterWith decorationsWith decorationsDark blue with snowflakesDark blue with snowflakesThe dark blue tonesThe dark blue tonesThe blue and white colorsThe blue and white colorsPedicure with rhinestonesPedicure with rhinestonesPedicure with Christmas designsPedicure with Christmas designsshellac Pedicureshellac Pedicure2017 New Pedicure2017 New PedicureDesign with snowflakesDesign with snowflakesSee also:

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