How to rest in 2017

How to rest in 2017

Table of contents:

  1. The winter vacation
  2. Rejoice, men
  3. Short festive moment
  4. Friends call on the barbecue, the cottage ...
  5. Summer day - not too lazy to rest
  6. Autumn, fall ...

Rest - this is our all time when you canregain strength and nerves, do what he likes, to remake domestic affairs, in a word, it's free time, which is so lacking in everyday life. Eight, ten, twelve-hour working day much exhausting, because all so eagerly await holidays, when at least for a while, you can relax. How many days in the coming year will be to relax? The Ministry of Labour of Russia informs that compared with 2016 year on the weekend of January holidays will be reduced. This is due to the fact that some holiday dates fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, the first Sunday in January goes on twenty-fourth of February, and Saturday the seventh of January, on 8 May. But everything in detail.

The winter vacation

Winter funWinter funHow can all expect the New Year holidays: Both adults and children will relax and have fun. So, look at the calendar. It begins with a celebratory feast in honor of the New Year with the thirty-first to the first, then Christian Christmas seventh of January, and then the Old New Year fourteenth. And in between the festivities can devote themselves to winter fun: skate, Sledding, skiing, sculpt a snowman. However, instead of the usual ten days of rest, in 2017 officially we are waiting for nine out of the transfer weekend in February and May. Thus, the holidays will last from 31 December to 8 January.

Rejoice, men

Male holidayMale holidayIn 2017, men should only envy. Twenty-third, twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth of February, even the representatives of a strong half of mankind will enjoy the holiday and gifts. For four days the whole country in February will have the opportunity to rest and gain strength, thanks for that defenders of the Fatherland.

Short festive moment

Women's DayWomen's DayThe next relay takes the day offMarch 8. It comes time to compliments and gifts lovely ladies. Men in search of pleasant surprises to your loved precipitated floral and jewelry stores. However, the last "women's paradise" for a brief period - only one festive day of rest will be in March, in contrast to last year, a four-day celebration. Women are lucky in this respect less than men.

Friends call on the barbecue, the cottage ...

May kebabsMay kebabsVirtually no relaxing in March, can be more thanto catch up in the May holidays. In total, we will have a week than the weekends. On the twenty-ninth of April to the first and sixth to ninth of May. Such a long period of rest does not happen in May. Spring and Labor Day, Victory Day - such significant events should not be left without attention. Saturday May 1st, respect and praise of the veterans on parade in honor of the Great Victory of the ninth. And in between - planting potatoes and other vegetation in the cottages, and of course eating kebabs.

Summer day - not too lazy to rest

Russia DayRussia DayIt seemed only recently passed Mayholidays, as immediately after, in June, the country - the birthday girl. Twelfth of June, the Day of Russia. This relatively young festival, which began celebrated only in the nineties of the twentieth century. This occurred after in 1990 Russia withdrew from the Soviet Union and gained independence. Rest will be three days - the tenth, eleventh and twelfth.

Autumn, fall ...

National Unity DayNational Unity DayIt closes the parade of National Day holiday datesUnity, celebrated on the fourth of November. This holiday is celebrated in November in commemoration of the victory of the people's fighters led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky over Polish invaders in 1612. In 2017, in honor of this event will have three days off: the fourth, fifth and sixth noyabrya.V December, excluding holidays, no days of rest is not provided.Calendar of holidays 2017Calendar of holidays 2017Total in 2017 will be exactly 27 holidays. Almost a month of rest, fun and enjoyable hassle.

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