Scenarios for the New Year 2017

Scenarios for the New Year 2017New in 2017 will start on Sunday, however,This does not mean that the patron of the year on the Eastern calendar - slacker. On the contrary, his character - always hungry for work and the recognition of Fiery Red Petuh.Petuh - an odious person, but I did not like it when he perechat or indifferent to his talents. Of course, on the table in the New Year's Eve should be dishes of chicken and other poultry. In this article we will look at different scenarios for the New Year New Year's Eve program 2017.Razvlekatelnaya bound to be humorous and fun, but not impinging on the authority of the symbol of the coming year. Roles in it shall be found for children and adults, for the New Year - a holiday in the first place, for semi.Roli need to allocate in advance for fun company to have all had time to not only learn the words, but also to sew costumes. It is also necessary in advance to rehearse private rooms and, if necessary, correct the words of the master.Note!The main role in the scenario in the year of the Rooster canperform not only a man, but a woman. And most importantly, a symbol of this year did not mind - he appreciates the healthy ambitions of both sexes. Therefore, in the present scenario, you can change the gender of the main character in their desires and capabilities.CockCockRooster - braggart and actor, do not hold back in his desire to show off in public.Leading: And now we learn that we are all waiting tocoming year. They say that the symbol of the year will appreciate our efforts and aspirations, but only if we do not polnogi! Come quickly tell us, who are waiting for a visit by the chiming clock? The correct answer, of course, "Fire Rooster".Leading: Well, you know our guest in absentia. And who I met with him personally? Here guests can tell anything about his own acquaintance with live roosters and chickens. The main thing is to get as ridiculous.Leading: Well, who pecked Rooster?If any of the guests or members of household confesses that at least once pecked his cock or hen, this man is chosen and put into a circle. Then, each of the remaining places in their invited "peck" favorites. Children may suddenly make it folded in the form of the beak with your fingers or even a paper cone in the form of the bird's beak. And until they do, attacking from all sides, and the rest have to ask him uncomfortable, or simply complex issues. Examples: "Will the coming year a leap year?", "How many days in the year plus the next?" "How many minutes left until the New Year?" And others. As soon as the selected participant to answer at least three questions, leading questions and stop young "males" who are trying to quietly peck party.Leading: Stop, stop, stop! On three questions already answered, and a big cock to know and ought not! He tells me that more bite the man in the next year will not be! And I wish him good health, happiness and pay more. Who's Next Top selects the next participant, whose mission - to tell you that she loves cock.What I like RoosterWhat I like RoosterLeading: You thought only Rooster loves to peck seeds yesworms to treat chickens? Do not guess. Rooster likes to be recognized and appreciated when his talents! Then the participants are blindfolded and one of the remaining previously in place, putting on the mask of cock. After that, the rest begin to describe what a cock in real life. Maybe he or she has a Japanese car? Maybe he likes to sing? The main thing is not to give guesses immediately understand who is cock. Once a person is to guess, you can pass the following mask and start the game from the beginning, still holding the guesser blindfolded. Then, when all the three persons will be guessed, he offered to remove the mask.Leading: That's guessed three of the residents of our New Yearhenhouse! It is in the chicken coop we are now and will continue to play. And will play these ridiculous for the house and all its inhabitants fun all the participants. Do not believe me? Then the facilitator asks the ladies to take up one candy in a wrapper. After that, the ladies have to feed each other, or her partner candy - quickly, without saying a word and without giving signs. One "cockerel" double feed candy as possible. Select the "cock" or "chicken", which was left without sweets. With high probability it will be a guest or one born who does not have a pair.Funny GamesFunny GamesLeading: Well, one rooster (chicken) we left withoutcandy. Guess who is now congratulate him personally of course, will sound different options: Father Frost, Snow Maiden, owner of the house, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. But the correct answer is likely no one will guess. This Fire Rooster. It was his appearance in all its glory must be accompanied by lighted candles and sparklers. On the table, you can light a candle to warm up hunting cheese fondue and other dishes. You can file a flambéed dish - a symbol of the year should be like the recipes in which the dish is in contact with an open flame.Cock: Congratulations, young chicken (or rooster), yesI wish you in the coming year finally find a couple so make your own chicken coop in comfort and kindness! Pleased you me with delights and dishes. That's only if there is a decent, if there are bold, who is willing for me to pass through the fire? After will be called the bravest, Cock require to show any focus with fire. This may be the easiest trick with braised match, and if you call anything that does not know how, you can just put out a candle with two fingers.Play with firePlay with fireCock: So, okay, I see in this fair to the companyI had come prepared. The young ladies in red and yellow dresses pleasing to the eye, but the gentlemen to smoke in my direction ought not, though I am out of the fire, but I do not like nicotine. And there are still those who are for a healthy lifestyle?Note!To everyone's fun rooster announces that he lovesall regardless of the habits and he wants to experience the one who wants him farewell in the coming year and good luck. You can, by the way, to allow for the participation of the child in the next contest. Let him read verses of the coming year of the Rooster. For example, as follows:

Peter, Peter, Cock!

Bright red crown!

It protects the entire chicken coop

Frightened, he is unlikely.

Suddenly there came a gray falcon,

And he could make it go away!

Nothing and no one

Not afraid of our hero.

Is it just that the broth

Prefers brand Knorr!

Then the laughter and applause Rooster depicts comic indignation for such frivolous poems and drives the reader with a gift.Entrust verses childEntrust verses childLeading: How do you to us, the Red Rooster?Cock: Vestimo from the chicken coop.Leading: And what have you brought us?Cock: A lot of good news and new ideas in the next year, all promotions and youngest - of inspiration, not only to write more poems about me and chicken soup!Leading: Well, Fire Rooster, will be no more. What else we poraduesh?Cock: Now I choose one of you, and tell him that heI will have to give then another rooster randomly selects a person and tells him whisper one of the concepts: "happiness," "love", "friendship", "hate", "award", "career". Task elected - pantomime without words to portray the concept. If no one guesses correctly, Rooster calls not to lose heart and call the word, sending elected back into place.Cock: In fact, I'll always be with you in the comingyear, just call me - a girl - "Ko-Ko-ko", and a man - "doodle"! Well, let's all together, try it! After the gathered will echo the cry of the Rooster, it flaps its wings and flies away to change into their regular clothes instead of fancy dress. By the way, as it is possible to use colored paper in gouache ridge with an elastic band and a red cloth and paper klyuv.Chitayte also:

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