What the numbers say Old New Year in 2017

What the numbers say Old New Year in 2017

New Year - one of the most interesting and importantholidays. In Russia, Australia, USA, England, New Year is celebrated in the same way as in Russia, that is, January 1, and to be more precise, in the night from December 31 to January 1. But apart from these there are other countries, for example, the Islamic New Year and Chinese annually celebrated on different days. The Muslim calendar is shorter than the conventional 11-12 days, respectively, and the date of the Muslim new year, year after year moves on all earlier time. Date of the Chinese New Year is determined from the end of January to the end of February. Jews celebrate the New Year as many as four, but only in Russia there is such a thing as Old New Year.

In general, in Russia, and later Tsarist Russia,New Year was celebrated at different times. Happy New Year holidays relate the ancient Slavs, associated with the winter solstice. We can assume the celebration of the New Year celebrations on the vernal equinox, attributable to the end of March. There was a time when the New Year is celebrated on September 1 - in pre-Petrine era. However, after some time came the reign of Peter the Great. This man is known for his reforms in all spheres of society. It was Peter the Great moved the New Year on January 1, as it was in Europe.

New Year, old style

New Year, old style

Then in 1917, a revolution took place. The new government decided to change the calendar, and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to replace the Julian calendar Gregorian. It was February 14, 1918 in the new style. In the 20th century the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars was 13 days. Messed up all dates, holidays. But after a while there was a tradition to celebrate the Old New Year on January 14 that the old style corresponds to January 1st. This date is settled, and it will not change, no matter what is now in the court of the year 2016, 2017 or 2050 - Old year will continue to be celebrated on the night from December 13 to 14.

Children decorate the Christmas treeChildren decorate the Christmas tree

For many Russians, this festival is also aimportant, even though he is not considered a state. This is a normal weekday. But at night, when they celebrate the Old New Year, many convene relatives or friends and give festive dishes on the table. The older generation still loves this holiday and because earlier that day was the day of St. Basil. People in this holiday, according to tradition, was covered with a rich table with delicious food, especially a lot of it was pork. It promised a good and fruitful year. Even in this day young people loved divination. It was believed that everything would be foretold, the prophecies and predictions - it will come true.

On the Old New Year was the main hostessresponsible mission, she had to cook porridge. Porridge made from corn and prepared for the night. If in the morning there was a thick porridge and tasty, then the harvest will be good if the viscous and liquid, it immediately threw to ward off trouble from home.

On the Old New Year cooked porridgeOn the Old New Year cooked porridge

Old New Year - a tribute to old traditions, itthe memory of ancestors, another reason to come home in the warm circle of family and friends, a table of goodies ready, remember the history of their ancestors. Modern New Year is celebrated ten days, but celebrating them always want more of something at least a little holiday, because it is a pity to part with a beautiful Christmas tree with Christmas toys with magic, so it would be desirable to extend this winter wonderland.

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