What to give the guy for the New Year 2017

What to give the guy for the New Year 2017

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  1. What exactly need not give
  2. How to please
  3. Tangible or intangible

The choice of a gift a loved one relevantalways, but if everything is more or less clear, then with the New Year the situation is somewhat more complicated birthday. What to give to and the cost inexpensive, and looked good, and it turned out it necessary? Given too expensive thing - the guy might think that asking for a response expensive gift, in general, the situation is not the easiest. However, the gift will still have to give, so it's worth thinking about how to present a gift is something that will be a pleasant surprise, not a disappointment. Let's see, what to give the guy for the New Year 2017, we consider a variety of gift ideas.

What exactly need not give

unloved giftsunloved giftsYou can go directly to dismiss a whole bunch of standardgifts that are, at best, can cause a confusion, if not irritation. Most men, especially young ones, just do not like shaving gel, cosmetic set of shower gel and shampoo, perfume will not cause delight, especially if he is toilet water generally does not use and does not like it, underwear and socks (!), As well as clothes are not in his stile.Takzhe not everyone likes things done their own hands - all sorts of mittens, scarves, gloves, sweaters,caps, boxes and otkrytochku. Sweet trifle better lay up for the closest friend or a younger sister, sweater tie beloved grandmother and makeup to give her mother. Guy same thing, made his own, is to give the New Year only if you know that he loves them and is happy. Also, they come in a situation with an artistic nature, a great connoisseur of hendmeyda or someone who simply adores all of your out-of ruk.Bezuslovno, we give you the handmade thing has to be perfect in all respects, not only perfectly executed, but more gently and with love packed. Do not forget to add a funny Christmas card or a souvenir with a symbol of New 2017 - Fire Rooster. This means your indifferent and brings a pleasant light touch of Christmas.

How to please

Of course, the easiest way to make a listalleged gifts and just shove it to his beloved to select the desired items. This is a very practical and efficient, but very much down to earth, lost the idea of ​​a gift - an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Maybe we should just watch the young man to understand that after all be able to really please him?GadgetsGadgetsMost young men well versed intechnology and loves electronic gadgets. The various "gadgets" for computers and mobile phones, video and photographic equipment, I think, will be accepted with great pleasure. The main thing is to remember that you are giving them a man, so the cartoon characters and flowers with butterflies exactly disappear. Exception - if your guy is a fan of some comics, anime or legendary filmov.Kstati so people can donate a book about his favorite character, the same comic book, a disc or a music track. With music lovers even easier - they always have a list of things they would like to purchase (well, or get as a gift) .Sportsmenu can give a product suitable to the type of sport, which he is engaged or prefers: boxing gloves, ball, accessories a bicycle, a special bottle of water or a towel, cool cool t-shirt or a baseball cap with a specially ordered your inscription.Boxing glovesBoxing glovesNote!Personalized items are generally perceived tocheers by most people and talk about your personal involvement and interest in the manufacturing process present. This can be not only a T-shirt, and a backpack, laptop bag or fitness, cup or thermos, many other small, inexpensive items. But it is important to comply with the measure, do not use ambiguous inscriptions and drawings, not to sink to the kitsch and vulgarity.The options are many gifts, just need to sit down and think carefully and not to grasp at the elementary, "jammed" and, as a rule, the most unfortunate standard we launched and souvenirs.

Tangible or intangible

Gift CertificateGift CertificateIf present physicality is very important for you,you really want to buy something that literally can be put under the Christmas tree, stop at thinking through a particular thing. If not, think about the fact that it is a gift and can not be material. There is now a wide variety of certificates - for training, spa treatments, hang-gliding and jumping tarzankoy.Kazhdy this option can be very good, but it depends on who you want to present it. Bungee jumping might seem amusing pastime for extremals-athlete, but the "nerd" will take it as a challenge, an insult, or distrust of his physical abilities or courage. In this situation, you can make a nice gift inexpensive and original. Under the Christmas tree, you can put a pair of tickets to the newly released movie that your guy really wants to see, or a concert of his favorite band, yes, even to visit the zoo, if it is an important and interesting topic for him.Going to the movies for freeGoing to the movies for freeTo your gift proved to be successful and enjoyable,Put yourself in his place and look at the future through the eyes of his gift. If you deem it a good idea, do not hesitate to stop it - there is a chance to guess. And at the same time to test how well you know your loved one to check his personality, seeing what the reaction will cause your New Year's gift. And remember, Fire Rooster protects bold and brave, but really appreciate only smart and ostorozhnyh.Chitayte also:

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