Gifts for girlfriend on New Year's Eve 2017

Gifts for girlfriend on New Year's Eve 2017

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With the approaching end of the year, many think,which give a gift on New Year's girlfriend. For some, it becomes the closest friend and the related person with whom you can share your experiences and secrets, so a gift for such a person should be special, if not perfect. If you have not decided what to give a friend on New Year's Eve 2017, then this article will help to find a suitable souvenir.

Include creative

Solid perfumeSolid perfumeYou can make a gift with their own hands. For example, a very interesting gift will be solid perfume. To do this quite a bit. The main thing is to find where to put the finished product. This may be, for example, the housing of a pocket watch. First, mix 1.5 teaspoons of jojoba oil and essential oils incense, ylang-ylang, ginger and sweet orangedropwise in a proportion of 7: 7: 5: 6, respectively. Then, half a spoon of beeswax melted in a water bath and poured into a mixture of oil, still very long heated, stirring, and pour into the prepared container. Allow to cool. Fragrant gift is ready. You can use other oils, such as lavender, rose, peppermint, lemon, rosemary, sandalwood, self-selecting proportions.SweetsSweetsAs Funny presents select trainor a truck filled with sweets. But do not give such gifts, if you know that a friend on a diet. Otherwise, the gift does not have to like. By the way, as a gift instead of sweets, you can put makeup.

Some more unusual ideas

Giving ordinary gifts you do not want anyone,everyone wants to stand out and hit the hero for the day something unexpected, unusual and unique. And where to get ideas unusual gifts? Many agree with someone in advance and give what he needs or what he always wanted. Yet a large proportion of people simply give money and not trying to fool my head, but such gifts are nothing new, and you are unlikely to remember and stand out among all donors.TrinketTrinketSince 2017 - the year of the Fire Rooster, you can give any thing with the image of this bird, let it be a small pillow; Bag or the picture, embroidered with a cross, in a frame; trinket.Bag with a picture of cockerelsBag with a picture of cockerelsDepending on the age and your relationship withman gifts may vary. In most cases, her friends will be pleased to hear from you any gift, especially one that is made personally. If you before anything such have not shown themselves, then this gift is sure to surprise friend and will be the most unusual.Bath BombsBath BombsIt can give homemade soap and effervescentbath balls (bombs); set of supports under goryachee.Luchshey girlfriend has presented a collage of pictures of your joint. Girlfriend such an idea will strike to the core, and each time, looking at the photos, she will remember you.From beads and copper wireFrom beads and copper wireMost girls and women like jewelry. Of course, you can give and jewelry, but it is not everyone can afford. Fortunately, a very original and beautiful decorations are obtained from scrap materials. The deal will go cutting the skin, feathers, beads, pearls, wire, hemp thread, nut shells, shells, buttons, so the decoration cost will ultimately be quite inexpensive.Bracelet with turquoise wireBracelet with turquoise wireYou can also buy a gift. This could be home appliances, such as coffee maker, juicer, blender, or something intended for Beauty: manicure set, hair dryer, ployka.Esli you need to give a special gift girlfriend, then swimming in a pool with dolphins, skating on an indoor skating rink, a certificate for a photo session is perfect.Swimming with dolphinsSwimming with dolphinsYou can please her friend, giving a certificate for a massage course.Back massageBack massageIf a friend has a boyfriend, then they can beplease some romantic certificate for two. In the air, on land, on water or under water - you decide. It all depends on what they are dreaming, and that has never been done before.A romantic horse rideA romantic horse rideFor friends, colleagues are always difficult to findgift. Depending on where you work and what you do, gifts may be different. The best way to do something ordinary extraordinary. Even everyday cup can be an original gift, if it wishes written each of my colleagues. Or you can order a large cake, which then everyone will be able to sign with chocolate, cream or jam.Mug handmadeMug handmadeGive from the heart - the main rule gifts. And if so very close friend, do not feel sorry for money. Let it will remember this day forever.

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