What to give to colleagues at the New Year 2017

What to give to colleagues at the New Year 2017Many are looking forward to the New Year approachingand believe that this is the year happen to us all the special, magical and wonderful. A month before the festival in the city reigns cheerful bustle, we are preparing gifts for their loved ones, with love imagining how they are deployed shiny wrapper and joyful smile. But what if you need to select a gift to colleagues? It tastes close people well known to us, and to determine the present simple. Corporate same etiquette - a thin thing, and not to spoil the mood of himself and colleagues, follow simple rules. In this article, we'll show you what to give to colleagues at the New Year 2017 will present a list of the actual gift.Note!Expensive gifts is to give people with whom youreally close communicate and know exactly what to gift the price will not cause negative feelings. Do not put people in an awkward position. Try to choose low-cost generic souvenirs.For example, Christmas ornaments. As a rule, all decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year, and a beautiful Christmas tree toys will be very useful.New Year decorationNew Year decorationMugs with the original inscriptions and stand withUSB-heated. Gulls on the play about, perhaps, everything. Make a nice gift to his colleague make a commemorative inscription for him or just cheerful figure on kruzhke.Aromatizirovannye candles. Such a gift can be presented to young ladies. Choose on taste and tsvet.Bloknoty for records. As a rule, whenever and wherever needed. This may also include handy organizer. Such a thing would be necessary to present.Leather notebookLeather notebookAs a rule, in the stores there for the New Yeargift sets for all tastes. Such a set consisting of hand cream and flavored soap, will be a good gift for the female half kollektiva.Ne should give perfumes and toilet water - can be mistaken with a choice. This is not fatal, but it is better to give loved ones the opportunity to make gifts of a personal nature. For personal gifts include jewelry, watches, underwear and other items tualeta.Muzhskoy half the team can present a fun flash card, pretty pens, diaries with original cover, ashtrays and lighters. And do not forget the fellow motorists - range of accessories for every budget and taste.Flash card in a leather caseFlash card in a leather caseAnd, of course, do not forget about the manual. The gift can be done by the whole team, so you can avoid a sticky situation and long meditations. Too expensive, or, conversely, a cheap gift may cause mixed feelings. Give chief creative gifts, to place emphasis on the sense of humor, but do not overdo it. For example, give him a suitcase millionera.Chay in a beautiful package - a wonderful gift that will be enjoyed by all.Tea in gift boxTea in gift boxChocolate gifts. Whatever you say, like most sweet, and your colleagues are no exception. Make them happy with a set of chocolates, flavored marshmallows in the holiday package or chocolate figures in the original wrapper - will be grateful to all. You can make a New Year's sweet song.Candy standCandy standThere are other options for gifts beloved colleagues. If you repeatedly gave all of these souvenirs, try to make something with their own hands. It is not so difficult. Everyone knows that coming in 2017 - the year of the Rooster. Focus on the bird, as a symbol of the year always brings good luck!Set soapSet soapBut what can you do personally? Greeting Cards type scrapbooking. Beautiful and original greeting card that will be a wonderful gift for any occasion, will please your colleagues.CardCardGift Manufacturing does not take much time, butadmiration secured. Not less popular destination - quilling. It all depends on your imagination. In specialized stores you can find whole sets for the production of paper masterpieces for your colleagues who are sure to be pleasantly udivleny.Esli you still have funny photos with your colleagues - you can make a photo-ball. This will require a transparent ball, photo, artificial snowflakes, ribbon and a little vremeni.Esli you know how to knit and love, then make beautiful bags, fill them with sweets, tangerines or small souvenirs. A great gift option and the cost inexpensive. Bracelets handmade, crocheted covers for phones and other pleasant things for dear colleagues. Do not be afraid to show imagination and a sense of yumora.Lyubitelyam prepare recommend to bake gingerbread cookies with icing. Beautifully packaged treats - a great gift.Artisan FoodArtisan FoodThere are many ideas, most importantly, do not be afraideksperimentirovat.Poraduyte his colleagues in the New 2017. It's time to forget all the omissions and show you how they are expensive. After all, it is with them we spend most vremeni.Schastlivogo New Year See also:

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