Which hairstyle do on New Year's Eve 2017

Which hairstyle do on New Year's Eve 2017

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Prepare for the New Year should not only apartmentor new Christmas toys. Long before the start of the holiday is to think your way out the solemn, because in the last few weeks before the New Year will need to do so many things, that no time may not be enough to complete the elaboration of the image, nor the energy. Appear the same on such an important celebration in the "shabby" as impermissible, because the rooster just wants to be surrounded by beauty and does not tolerate carelessness. Among the important aspects of the appearance of the front is not only elegant dress and new shoes, and hairstyle. Selecting it largely depends on the atmosphere in which will be held New Year celebrations. In any case, decide beforehand what hairstyle to do on New Year's Eve 2017.


To celebrate in a warm home environment with his family, you can experiment and allow yourself to try some new variant, because New Year's hairstyles - a special theme, in no way connected witheveryday. The owner, the Rooster fond of all the bright and appreciates the extraordinary beauty, though not inclined to deprive the attention of even the most gray chickens. He liked the creativity in the hair, even if it's just unusual for you to blow, for example, in the style of the 20s - the "cold wave", sealed with velvet ribbon with a brooch or a large plume.



You can make magnificent styling for long hair"Babette" style. This fleece is very fast, and it looks impressive. Some theatrical image can be given by means of special pads for hair ornaments and many large, up to artificial fruit and symbol of the year (small and light, of course). Be creative, it is not only possible, but necessary for the New Year.


When going to a large group to celebratefriends, hair in the first place should be easy, because you will certainly want to dance the night away, meet at midnight and dawn, let the fireworks and enjoy a spectacular salute on a background of a velvet night sky.

With hoopWith hoop

In the case of a Christmas friendly parties betterjust enough to make a simple hairstyle, and pay more attention to its decoration. It can be hairspray with glitter, as the New Year is perhaps the only time in the year when it is not only permissible, but it should shine and sparkle from head to toe. Welcomes the various rims, wreaths and diadems - they not only decorate, but also bonded hair. You can even decorate laying herringbone "rain", weaving it into braids or after putting a crown on top. The choice of options is unlimited and depends only on your imagination and courage.


New hairstyle on the Year of the Rooster for youthThe New Year can be a much more important and interesting, even the most elegant evening dress. While you are young, do not limit ourselves with one hair color. But no need to once again risk the health of their own strand - enough to buy a few colored wigs. They do not have to be of high quality, because wear in everyday life, you will not be. And natural colors, too, not a law - on the contrary, choose bright, rich colors, or stop at the color of silver or gold on the New Year it will be very appropriate. Just remember that such an extraordinary and intense focus should be only on duty, otherwise you will become a clown.

Latest bright strandsLatest bright strands

Wigs can help you to realize his childhood dream- To become a Snow Maiden. To do this, you will only have a long braid invoice or color blond wig, a large blue bow and a little daring and courage. We are confident that in this way you will make a splash and get to know you all want to Santas (and not grandparents), found on the streets of the city of New Year.


Hollywood stylingHollywood styling

If the meeting will be held in the New Yearformal setting, etiquette would have to submit the request and limit traditional boundaries. However, it is a little beat his image and decorate the hair of a beautiful patch of silk scarf, gas bow or large showy flower. Nobody will forbid you to use a turban - Ready-made or made independently of shawl or cutting a suitable beautiful and good drape fabric. This original headgear can be decorated with catchy large brooch with colored stones or pearls, as well as use the clasp or plume.

In the year of the Rooster use all sorts of feathersparticularly relevant, as long as they are not reminded rooster tail, otherwise, the landlord will accept you as a competitor and will strongly interfere with you. And enjoy it a more graceful feathers collected in the lungs and beautiful ornaments or attached to the hairpin. The color itself is not necessary to limit - the brighter and more noticeable is decoration, the better the chances favor Cock, who loves the beauty in all forms and manifestations.

Instead turban hairstyle can be decorated with tinyhat or veil, graceful bandage fix or complete the large Japanese studs-sticks with long flowers, pendants. Choosing decor hairstyle dictated not only a holiday destination, but also a common way along. So if you decide to dress up in the style of a Geisha, pins will be quite appropriate, and for the rigorous classical image more suitable sparkling, but delicate pins.


Laying feathers and curls for short hairLaying feathers and curls for short hair

New Year in an informal atmosphere -the dream of some fashionistas. If you've never worn "mohawk" and not dyed strands in acid colors - it's time to try this style. Using modern cosmetic products for hair, make-resistant extravagant styling and paint it in a juicy "cock" color. The symbol of the year certainly take you for her. A whole complex and colorful design can be quickly and easily wash off after the holiday with regular shampoo. But the remaining photos can amuse and please your loved ones, did not expect from you such "exploits" in the field of their appearance.

You do not want such radical experiments,Try to please the Rooster, "woven" in her hair colored strands on special barrette. You can restrict all one scarlet color, as will the year of the Fire Red Rooster, but you can use different shades of red, and other colors, as well as compete with Rooster in the brightness of colors. You can use the same patch locks and blonde hair can be colored with special crayons hair. This can be very modest and very low-key version of hairstyles, for example, delicately painted in different colors of hair tips, painted "ponytail" or individual strands in a bang, but the bravest can go on and represent a real war paint.

Another option unusual festive hairstyle -stacking "feathers". Make her short hair can be very quickly and easily, only need to wax strong hold, structuring paste or special hair clay. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not resemble birds instead disheveled prickly hedgehog.

If you want to throw and an unusual hairstyle - do not hesitate, because New Year's Eve is only once a year.

A photo

Multiple step by step instructions:

How to make a hairstyle with a sponge-donutHow to make a hairstyle with a sponge-donut

Beautiful rosette-beamBeautiful rosette-beam

Babette tailBabette tail

Examples of hairstyles:

Hollywood wave to bang and a bundle of braidsHollywood wave to bang and a bundle of braids

You can curl your hair and put on the crownYou can curl your hair and put on the crown

Hairstyle with a bandageHairstyle with a bandage

A beam of fixed pinsA beam of fixed pins

The beam, decorative clasp fastenedThe beam, decorative clasp fastened

Simple beamsSimple beams

Hairstyle with ChignonHairstyle with Chignon

Hairstyle with braid edgingHairstyle with braid edging

Hairstyle with a diademHairstyle with a diadem

Hairstyle curly bob with straight bangsHairstyle curly bob with straight bangs

Hairstyle of the bundlesHairstyle of the bundles

Festive hairstyle war yearsFestive hairstyle war years

A beam with tailsA beam with tails

A large bundle of hairA large bundle of hair

Gofre on long hairGofre on long hair


Asymmetric hairstyle on medium hairAsymmetric hairstyle on medium hair

Accurate beam with studsAccurate beam with studs

Neat curlsNeat curls

Curling on separate strandsCurling on separate strands

Curled tail with a masked hairpinCurled tail with a masked hairpin

In the style of pin-upIn the style of pin-up

In the style of the 60'sIn the style of the 60's

The beam in the form of bangsThe beam in the form of bangs


Stacking of long hair on one sideStacking of long hair on one side

Free SpitFree Spit


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