Where to go for New Year's 2017 in Novosibirsk

Where to go for New Year's 2017 in NovosibirskNew Year - one of the most anticipated holidaysyear, and it also needs to be noted accordingly. If you are already tired of celebrating the New Year at home, then this material is for you, because we will tell you where to go and where to celebrate New Year 2017 in Novosibirske.V large cities such as Novosibirsk, has always held a great number of various Christmas events . It can be a local celebration, and the public. For example, every year in honor of the New Year celebration on Lenin Square in the center of Novosibirsk is set Christmas tree, which is considered the main city. This area is also the main place for the townspeople of entertainment, because every year on December 25 at the Lenin Square is the opening of the rink and snow town. Immediately she met the New Year begins on December 31 at 23:00. After the New Year is usually carried out with all sorts of Christmas disco contests and giveaways, which can participate not only children but also adults.People'sPeople'sWhere to go with your loved one? The best place for a private celebration of the New Year together with the other half can definitely be a restaurant PEOPLE`S. After all, it is possible to choose a place that will be completely closed from prying eyes, for you and your companion, so you can create a romantic atmosphere. If you want to relax in a fun and noisy company, you can participate in the entertainment show program, which is usually a live music or Christmas contests with prizes. Cozy atmosphere, delicious menus and entertaining show program will not get bored in PEOPLE`S restaurant.White hallWhite hallA good solution would be a restaurant "WHITE HALL"you can go with your children. This restaurant will be able to relax under the relaxed retro music and enjoy delicious dishes. The children will be happy to play in the playground, the so-called candy-bar, where they can socialize with other children receive sweets, and then together with you to celebrate the New Year, which will announce the arrival of a visiting Santa Claus.Note!After the arrival of the New Year, you will be able toparticipate in competitions Christmas from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden with your children. This restaurant - an excellent choice if you want to celebrate the New Year in a relatively quiet and peaceful company.CloudsCloudsIf you want to celebrate New Year in the nightthe club, the best choice would be a nightclub "Clouds". Features of the nightclub - a dress code, neon decoration design and sophisticated rules visit. Here you will find a huge selection of drinks, hookah room and music area, where you can test your dancing skills. Show program is quite usual for the institutions of this kind. Disco, New Year, Challenge and small competitions, which later give way to the disco again. So if you want to celebrate New Year in a big noisy group of loud music, night club "Cloud" will open its doors to you.Garden of EdenGarden of EdenHootite relax in the cozy and atmosphericsetting of a restaurant? You should draw your attention to the restaurant "Garden of Eden". Despite the relative unpopularity of this institution for the New Year, "Garden of Eden" will welcome you friendly and cozy holiday atmosphere. A special feature of the restaurant is a private garden in the courtyard of the restaurant, which is next to a small fountain. You can pay attention to the large number of plants that complement the design of the restaurant, as well as create a unique home-like atmosphere. By the New Year in a special restaurant is transformed, decorated with New Year's accessories.friendshipfriendshipWhen deciding where to celebrate New Year in Novosibirskfriendly company of friends, you can go to the bar, "Friendship", which offers an interesting New Year show program. This place is perfect for noisy groups of friends, because there are tables for a large number of people, and the menu offers delicious steaks, which are chip of this institution. It is worth to mention the beautiful view from the window of Novosibirsk, because the bar is located on the third floor. It should be noted, and large aquariums, which perfectly fit into the interior of the bar. If you need to fit anywhere Large group of friends to celebrate the New Year, this bar may well be your vyborom.Novosibirsk offers a large number of various Christmas events, everyone will find in it something for yourself. Will you celebrate the New Year with your loved one or to celebrate loudly with friends or quietly celebrate the holiday with their children - Novosibirsk places will give you a huge selection of all kinds of events and places where you can celebrate so well-liked New god.Chitayte also:

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