Where to go for New Year's 2017 in Yekaterinburg

Where to go for New Year's 2017 in Yekaterinburg

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  1. We went out on the streets
  2. belly Celebration
  3. A cozy little nest
  4. The gap to the morning
  5. Active Life non-stop

When the New Year just around the corner, almost allHe begins to worry about what to give to whom to meet and where to meet. With the place of the New Year celebrations at times determined only in the very festive noch.Esli in the provincial city of choice is severely limited or even bleak, it generally is not, and can only sit at the table with your family, in Yekaterinburg, the choice is much wider. Restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, holiday base - all this can become a place of New Year's Eve celebration. If you still have not decided where to go on New Year's Eve 2017 in Yekaterinburg, this article will help you decide.

We went out on the streets

Ice town in 1905 SquareIce town in 1905 SquareTraditionally, the celebration takes place on the square in 1905. Every year there is a huge set Spruce and decorate it, build an ice town with a maze, figurines, houses.

belly Celebration

If you do not want to bother with cookingsalads in the New Year, the restaurants and cafes are ideal for celebrating, but in this case the costs are likely to be larger, in addition, you need to reserve in advance, otherwise the plans for the new year would be disrupted. Together with the delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs, will be dancing (especially if it's a night club). In the city of so many such establishments that are not so hard to find exactly what will suit every member of a large company, which will meet the New Year. It is possible to take into account the taste preferences and wishes on the situation, and the financial side voprosa.Kazhdoe similar institution has its own flavor, which will make the holiday special. Kitchen in such a night, you can choose any - the most favorite. And you can see the New Year in a certain style. For dinner often attached festive disco, live music, karaoke - in short, everything that will help make the night unforgettable.Cafe Museum Cafe Museum In many restaurants the holidays want to pleaseits guests a special program, for example, "Demidov", "Onegin", "Bear Pad". If a company is going to be very big, you can book for yourself banquet hall (it can accommodate up to 100 people). Plus, this holiday - the highest level of service with a classy decor, fine food and interesting entertainment program.

A cozy little nest

If New Year's Eve brought the city travel,and there has been a stop at the hotel or hotel, do not think that the night is boring and lonely - each of these institutions is preparing for its Christmas program offers no worse than in restaurants.Atrium Palace HotelAtrium Palace HotelAtrium Palace Hotel can arrange a holiday onroyal level. Luxurious interior, delicious cuisine and excellent service - if only this holiday will be remembered. At least once a year should be allowed to feel like royalty living. Not to be mistaken with dishes prepared on personal preferences menu.Note!Atrium Palace Hotel stands out among similar institutions for its original desserts that are the pride of the hotel.OneginOnegin"Onegin" - one of the best hotels in town, readyoffer for night 15 floor of the hotel with breathtaking views. Together with this hotel is the music program, tuning visitors to the romantic mood, so you can relax from the bustle of the city. In addition, the hotel offers New Year's Eve offers good discounts on accommodation, which can not but rejoice. You can participate in the lottery, sauna.

The gap to the morning

Ben HallBen HallActive young people just will not hold againstnight in a trendy club. Cool music, DJ, light - everything has to dance till the morning! On this night to visit «Ben Hall», «Pushkin Central Club», «Chile» and many others.

Active Life non-stop

Sports people and simply those who rarelyget out into the fresh air, rejoice in the possibility of skating. New Year skating - it is something from my childhood. Anyone can find a holiday here, as the prices of skates and skating very low - available to everyone. Open this night both closed and open skating rinks. What could be better than fresh air, frost and companies such as active and cheerful people around? If health permits, not even worth thinking doubt! You can visit the sports complex "Youth", a skating rink in the "Dinamo" central stadium.UktusUktusYou want to enjoy the snowy drifts? Then the country rest for you. It is possible to rent a cottage and enjoy the peace and beauty of the forest frosty lace on the windows. In such an atmosphere is easy to feel the holiday magic. Here you can arrange a barbecue, making a snowman - yes anything, the whole house and the forest at your disposal. Excellent hold a holiday in a country house of fun, great semi.Esche one kind of active New Year holiday - skiing, snowboarding. Perfect for extreme sports, which is always not enough. But not only have the track in the ski complexes of the Urals - after skiing you can visit the sauna (Finnish or Russian), go to a club and a restaurant. These complexes are Uktus, deciduous mountain and other less populyarnye.Chitayte also:

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